27 days to be exact.

This weekend, I have a shower in Shreveport.
Next weekend, I have my bachelorette party in Austin.
The next weekend, I have to get my head straight.
The following weekend, I get married.

That is all.

It is literally right around the corner.

Woke up feeling really overwhelmed this morning and I'm not sure why.  I spent a good hour (I think) on the phone with a dear friend who calmed my nerves and made me laugh with her silly little boy stories!

As I sit here, just a few weeks away from my wedding day, I wonder, "What am I forgetting?  What have I not thought of?"

So, off to figure those things out.  If you think of anything random, like, who will bring food to the bridesmaids while they are busy getting ready?....Send it my way b/c those are the dumb things that I am thinking about knowing if they are not figured out ahead of time, they will cause stress and anxiety over us all!  NO THANK YOU!