Where did the weekend go?

We had a pretty chill weekend.  Friday was a busy day for both SP and I.  I went with his mom to help her pick out tile for their kitchen they are remodeling, and SP was busy writing contracts for people (woo-hoo!).  After all of that, and being out in the heat, we were wiped!

Friday night we stayed in, ate leftovers, and watched the Olympics opening ceremony.  Well, that is until we both fell asleep.  I still haven't gone back to see Sir Paul sing yet!  

Saturday I baked in the kitchen while SP worked, then later we went to The Bolton's pool for some swim time and a cookout.  We used to spend every weekend at their pool, but ever since their little Sloane came along and things with my family got a little crazy, we haven't been there at all this summer!  It was good to spend some time over there :)  I made some really yummy treats....

I made these Strawberry-Lemonade Bars (courtesy of Pinterest of course :) 
I halved these ingredients b/c I didn't want a huge 9 x 13 pan of these (b/c I would for sure eat them!)  It turned out great and super easy to divide (coming from mrs. NON math)!

I also made this dip (COMPLETELY UNHEALTHY, but SOOOO good :).  I found this dip recipe in Real Simple.

Sunday SP had to work and show a bunch of houses.  I spent my time getting ready for the week to come.

I prepared our menu for the week and even made the grocery store trip happen (I always put it off!)
I went and got my toes painted purple (maybe for Pancreatic Cancer awareness, or maybe b/c I'm ready for LSU football.  Who's to say :)
I changed the sheets on our bed and had our entire house smelling like fresh laundry.
I chatted with the Mom and Dad of course :)
I cross stitched.
I prepared dinner.
We watched the Olympics.
We went to bed :)

Hope your weekend was relaxing.


List of today

  • I have been making welcome home baskets as thank you gifts for all our real estate clients that we close.
  • I have been failing at baking for so called gift baskets this week.  Strawberry bread #1: cooked too long.  Strawberry bread #2:  didn't cook long enough!
  • I had a lunch date with SP this afternoon.  It included a margarita.
  • I recorded Craft Wars last night.  Fail.  Not good.
  • I have been to the grocery store 3 times in 2 days.
  • I wish I had a pool in my backyard.


Why the purple background?
I know, it doesn't match the blue color scheme.

Purple is the Pancreatic Cancer awareness color.

Something that has become pretty important to me over the last few months.

Please pray for my dad!  We are fighting like crazy!  He is doing amazing, Praise the Lord!!

Please follow in this journey with us...


Just not happening...

As much as I try, blogging just doesn't seem to be in my cards!!
I love blogging about stuff we've done b/c it's so fun to go back and read later and reminisce.
I also love reading blogs, but for some reason, I never want to stop and take the time to write a blog!

So, I was thinking.  Maybe I can commit to daily (errr...or weekly or monthly) lists of things about that day (ah-hem, week or month).  Posting pictures and thoughts.

That is my new goal!  Wish me luck :))