Novena Prayer to St Peregrine

I know that there are people out there who read my blog.  I only know a few of you, but regardless...I see that someone out there is reading it.  Which means...you all know my dad's situation.  He is currently fighting Pancreatic Cancer.

My aunt is a devout Catholic.  She shared with my family a novena prayer which is prayed to St Peregrine.  St Peregrine is the patron saint for those suffering from cancer.  It is a 9 day prayer.  We prayed the 9 days leading up to his last appointment where we were to find out if my dad could have surgery.  At that point, we got good news.  Unfortunately things took a little turn and we have had some set backs.  It is time to pray again this same prayer.

I am sharing this with you in hopes that you are willing to pray this novena with us.   You need to be completely present and thoughtful when saying it.  In other words, don't just read it without thinking about what the words say.  If you start on March 24th (this Sunday), you will complete the novena by the day of his surgery, April 1.  I usually do this at night before bed, when I have no distractions and can be fully present in prayer.  You can print it out and keep it by your bed.

The prayer is for Fred Traylor.  We are praying that his surgery will be successful and that his mind is at ease.  We are praying for his tumor to be removed with no complications.  We pray for the day of April 1.  Anything else you would like to add, but those things specifically.

Novena Prayer

O great St. Peregrine, you have been called "The Mighty," "The Wonder-Worker," because of the numerous miracles which you have obtained from God for those who have had recourse to you.For so many years you bore in your own flesh this cancerous diseasethat destroys the very fiber of our being, and who had recourseto the source of all grace when the power of man could do no more.You were favored with the vision of Jesus coming down from His cross to heal your affliction.Ask of God through Our Lady,the cure of the sick whom we entrust to you.    (Pause here and silently recall your intentions, and the names of the sick for whom you are praying.)Aided in this way by your powerful intercession, we shall sing to God, now and for all eternity, a song of gratitude for His great goodness and mercy.

On March 27th, my dad will meet with his surgeon.  Please also pray separately from this novena, that we will hear good news and that he will be having surgery on April 1.  We are feeling good and positive that we will hear great news on this day!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you for praying with us.  I am not Catholic, but I believe in this prayer.  Also, please feel free to share this with your loved ones.  We will take all the prayer we can get.



Things that I like this week.

Making quick little art prints to hang in our bedroom :)  It is hard to see the detail in the pictures, but I love how they turned out!

The produce at Central Market.  CM is right across the street from where SP and I practice yoga.  We are going to start shopping there more b/c it really is so. much. better.  I have always complained about it being too far, but now I have no excuse after yoga to run over there and buy some fresh produce and wild caught fish!  We bought a piece of red fish and cooked it from Donald Link's recipe on Monday night.  Y'all,  the fish was so fresh it melted in your mouth.  We made Ina's steamed spinach and some quinoa to go along with it.  Tasty tasty!

The cover of Paper Source magazine.  So colorful and cheery for the beginning of Spring!  I think it's practically frame worthy :)  (Just as I typed that last sentence I got an idea to make something with this cover.  Then, I looked over and realized SP took out the recycling and now I have no chance.  Boo!  Guess that's what I get for tossing it too quickly)

Horse art!  I have been d-y-ing for some horsey art on our wall...somewhere! ANYWHERE!  Ever since we moved in almost 3 years ago!  This piece in particular. SP has told me no over and over again.  And it's not even b/c of the price tag (he doesn't even know that part!).  I found this horse hanging the other day.  I didn't even try to bring it home b/c I know the answer :(  And, let's face it...it's not nearly as cool as the previously mentioned.  One day, he is going to see my vision and then I won't even want it anymore!

Colorful owls!  If these buddies had fit w/in my color scheme, they would have made it home with me.  As far as I know, I have no owl restrictions for our house :)

Fuel for yoga!  When we have an early morning class, it's hard to go on an empty stomach, but you also don't want to eat a full breakfast.  So, a handfull of fresh (organic of course!) blueberries does the trick!

Hydration for yoga!  Once we started going to Fire class (98.6 degrees!) I started getting terrible, migraine-like headaches for the entire rest of the day.  I have always been one to drink lots of H2O. My dad alllllllllways has water with him, and I think he is to credit for this good habit.  BUT, what I thought was enough before, during, and after this hour long hot sweaty class, clearly wasn't.  So after a bad headache on Monday, I made it my top priority to guzzle water all day on Tuesday in preparation for my early Wednesday class.  The difference I felt during class, after really focusing on my hydration the day before was incredible. I walked out of the hot room that morning and looked at SP and told him "I'm not going to have a headache today, I can just feel it."  And sure enough...yesterday was headache free!  Today, back to hydrate! hydrate! hydrate! for class tomorrow!!

1 L of coconut water after class to replenish my electrolytes. 
And so many of these glasses of plain ole H2O
I am making a body pillow cover.  Leave it to me to not find a fabric that I really like.  So I went to the craft store and bought some white canvas fabric.  I am going to paint my own pattern on it, then sew it into a cover!  Can you see that strip of polka-dots on the white body pillow in this pic?  That is what I'm planning on doing.  It's a silver-greyish paint color.  Fingers crossed I can make this cover.  I might be waiting until Sunday when my mom is here to help sew :)

Spring has arrived!  I planted these daffodil bulbs at the end of last year.  I have been watching them pop up for for a few months now.  Yesterday evening, between the hours of 6 and 7 THIS happened!  YAY!  Pure happiness seeing something you plant so deep in the earth rise up so beautiful!

My amaryllis bulb is really starting to open up!  My mom gifted this to me.  I waiting a little while before planting it, and I was a bit worried it wasn't going to work but look!  It loves its spot on my nightstand.  SP calls this my plant b/c I planted it.  So everyday he stares at it and says,  "I love your plant!"  Guess I have more of a green thumb than I thought.  Oh on that note...I think I need to go water it... ha!

My mom and dad are coming on Saturday, YIPPEE!!!  It will be a really quick trip. They are just stopping through on their way down to Houston.  SP and I will be meeting them down there in another week in hopes for surgery on April 1.  Prayers please!


Plants and Friends

Sean was able to take the entire day off Saturday!  He pushed all of his appointments to Sunday.  This made for a great afternoon together. We cleaned and planted and ate :)  We were at Home Depot by noon buying lots of plants and herbs. We got to eat lunch at Baja's and enjoy some nachos and a beer :)  We came home and I finished cleaning the house and he got busy planting!  I had Kelly and Jenn coming over for a slumber party later that evening!

Pink Carnations!!!!
Petunia + Sweet Potato Vine
Succulents in the bathroom
Mexican Heather in the front pots 
Lavender in the bedroom
Herbs on the dining table
More succulents in an old milk carrier my dad bought us during one of his
Flea Market hunts.  He always finds the neatest planters!

I told SP he had to be out of the house by 6:30 and couldn't come home until we were close to going to bed!  Jenn came over around 4 and then we headed to Southlake to meet Kelly for manis and pedis!  After that, we went to Pei Wei to get takeout.  We indulged in a glass of wine while waiting on our food :)  On our way home I called SP to tell him to leave, and to my surprise, he was already gone!  I just knew leaving him home still outside working in the yard at 4, there was NO WAY he would be gone!  But, he surprised me.  It was the day everyone was celebrating St. Patrick's Day, so he had already made his way to Bronson Rock with some friends to par-take in a little day drinking.

We girls arrived back at the house and enjoyed our dinner at the dining table with some red wine.

Next, we popped open some pink champagne and hit the patio!  The weather was beautiful and it was the perfect night to turn on the music and relax in our rocking chairs :)  We only came in to grab a yummy bundt cake that I bought for our dessert...

We stayed out there all night!  Well, that was until Kelly decided it would be hilarious (which it was) to go put all of SP's open house signs in our front yard for when Sean got home that night!  Not only did she have this idea, but her next idea was to all ride my bike up and down the street.  HA!  Some things will never change...or shall I say Kelly will never change :)  She always has some sort of crazy idea to spice things up.  When we were little, she used to put all of my shoes on top of my fan and then turn it on so that the shoes would go flying through my room!  Oh my gosh it would make me so upset!  But she thought it was the funniest thing ever!  Sean definitely got a good laugh out of seeing his signs all over the yard :)

These pictures didn't turn out too well, but you get the idea...

Kelly & Jenn switching turns on the bike

We had such a nice visit just geting to hangout like old times.  We girls have been friends our entire lives.  That is not something that comes around everyday and I feel so lucky I have them to share life with.

Slumber party aftermath :)

Big thanks to Devin and Ben for watching your girls for the evening, and a big thanks to SP for being ok with getting kicked out of your house for a while :)  When can we do it again, hehe :)


Happy Friday!

Heyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!   I started my morning off with a nice sweaty core yoga class. My back is now hurt so bad and I'm not sure I can move...far.  I think I can make it out front to chill with the neighbors soon though :)

It's been a fun week around here.  Spring Break has been in full swing.  It's allowed for a little less yoga and a little more sunshine and fun :)

Here's the breakdown.

... After yoga last Friday, we went to dinner with Sean's parents at my favorite new local place, Mo'Fish.  I love this place!  I sort of want it right now!

After dinner we ran by the Parks' b/c Jack wanted to share some drink with us.  I was not a fan and ended up pouring it into Jack's glass after this picture!  It was a very strong...something.

...  Saturday we went to my cousin's in Flower Mound for a crawfish boil!  SP and I woke up early Saturday morning and drove down to the stockyards to pick up the fish.  We also got some yummy, mexican breakfast tacos at the Taqueria.  It was a rainy day, but nothing could stop us from kicking back and boiling some crawfish and drinking some beer!  Cousin Jennifer made her famous Pope Poison and I was lucky to find m favorite Abita Strawberry beer!  It was an awesome day that ended in the hot tub just before the storm hit!

Pope Poison in the making :)

Zach, Andrew, Greg, Sean and Boyd

...  The rest of the week has been spent working a little and playing a little.  We might have sat out front and had a few brew-skies on more than one occasion?!  I'll let you be the judge...

Dolls.  Everywhere!  A little freaky!!
Okie dokie...it's about that time.  The time to head out front w/ a drink in hand!  I hope you're having an amazing Friday, wherever you are!!!


Please Don't Go!!!!!

This morning I grabbed my cup of hot tea and settled down infront of my Google Reader, as I always do.  I was quickly greeted with this message....

Lump in the throat, pit in my stomach....sort of feeling.  Feeling like a lost puppy.  My Google Reader and I are tight, thick as thieves.  You know.  Buds!  I think SP thought something was seriously wrong when I gasped and told him the news! He understands the relationship I have with my Reader :(  

I quickly did some research to find out more. 

Tear (ok not really)!   But, I have definitely now spent the morning trying to find an alternative.  

Let me introduce Feedly.  I already don't like it as much, but maybe it will just take a while to get used to the new format.  I am trying to keep an open mind, and maybe Feedly and I can be as close as my Google Reader and I once were.  RIP Google Reader.  You will be missed :(


10th Class or 500th Class?

This morning SP and I got up and headed to Fire class.  This class is 98.6 degrees with 60% humidity.  SP had been to one Fire before, but I had never been in a class over 90 degrees.  We went together with our heads held high, feeling proud that we were about to complete our 10th hot yoga class.  They say the first 10 are the hardest, and I think I agree :)

I've told you about the wristbands before, but they give them out as students hit different plateaus of their practice.  The first plateau being the completion of 10 classes.  SP and I had a thing where since we started this practice together, we really wanted our wristbands presented together in class.

So let me tell you about this morning.  The instructor walks in and says, "I am so excited because I have a 10 class wristband to hand out to Catherine Parks!"  As she walks over to me with my wristband, I'm thinking...oh ok, I guess she isn't going to present them together and she will present SP's right after me.  So she did a little presentation talking about what the symbolism means, etc. and next thing I know, we are standing in the middle of our mats starting the first breathing exercise!  SP looks at me and we sort of smile and shrug our shoulders, like, "huh? oh well!"

Class was great!  SERIOUS workout!  My heart rate was UP, and I may as well have been hanging out in New Orleans in the middle of summer.  The humidity...oh my!  It causes you to sweat like you've never sweated before!  Sweat is literally flying, rolling, dripping...off of you.  It's gross!!  But I sort of love it.

So class ends and I was pretty proud of the fact that I was able to do the entire class w/o much dizziness.  We laid in savasana (total relaxation pose) for a few minutes in the dark, letting our bodies cool down and our heart rates come back down to normal.

We went our separate ways into the locker rooms and reunited in the front where we always enjoy discussing our progress with the instructors afterwards.  As I'm talking to one, SP finds the teacher from our class and says, "Hey thanks for leaving me out of the 10th class recognition!!"  She was so confused and didn't understand what happened.  He told her it was his 10th class as well, and next thing we know, she said, "Well, I saw your purple wristband and thought it was your 500th class!"  SP and I about fell on the floor laughing!  FIVE-HUNDRED??  Didn't she see him us in there?  Long story short, SP has been wearing his purple Journey Into Tranquility bracelet in each class.  This bracelet is purple.  The bands they hand out, each color has a different meaning.  So when she saw he had a purple bracelet, she assumed that's what it meant!  SO FUNNY!  SP and I were so determined to get our wristbands together, and then THAT happened!  HA!

SP will be presented with his RED wristband, showing his TENTH class during his 11th class :)  I guess some instructor forgot to sign him in during one of his classes, and this is where the mix-up happened!



I LOVE FRIDAY!  All of them, they are the best!
Here's what we've been up to this past week.

1.  Lots of yoga!  I had to skip Monday b/c of my shoulder injury and SP went without me. He went to the hotter class, called Fire (it's 98.6 degrees w/ 60% humidity).  He loved it!  I'm still not sure about it, ha! So other than Monday, I've gone every day this week.  He skipped yesterday b/c we are trying to keep our # of classes the same b/c at 10 classes, we get a 10-class Focus Wristband!  We want to receive them together in class :)  So Monday we will get it!  Our next Focus Wristband won't come until 25 classes!  It's a goal to set, and something to look forward to!  Each band has a different meaning and something to focus on and work towards.  It's cool too b/c you can look around and see others wearing them, and depending on which color they wear, you know their level!

About to get sweaty!
Officially sweaty.

2.  Cooking!  We cooked some yummy food this week :)  I made tortilla soup on Monday afternoon and we ate on it all week!  We made salmon, asparagus and tomatoes, and we made yummy shrimp on the barbie with veggies!

Roasted in the oven w/ EVOO, S & P
Table set :)
We had some chicken in the mix, too :)
I could eat this meal every week!  SO.GOOD.
Relaxing while SP cleans the kitchen :)
Yes mom, I do help! So don't say what you're thinking!

3.  We made a few green drinks!  These consist of spinach, kale, apples, celery, cucumber, and ginger.  Squeeze of lemon if you have it.  They are actually really good.  Believe it!

4.  We discovered we have a missing glass!  We are supposed to have 4 of these, and I realized we are down to 3.  I have NO CLUE what happened to the 4th one.  Ugh!

5.  I got the TEAM TRAYLOR T-shirts ordered for everyone who will be in Houston for my dad's surgery on April 1!  Adam designed them, I tweaked them, and then ordered them :)

There is a story behind the cow!
The purple shirt is for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness!
You can find out about the cow story here.  Scroll down to where you see SP holding a ceramic cow to get the story.  It's a long post so you might not want to read the whole thing!

6.  We've gotten looooots of houses under contract this week!  YAY!

7.  Unfortunately we are not able to head to Arkansas for a weekend on the mountain with the family this weekend :(  Adam and Christy are going.  Her first time on the mountain!  I so wish we could be there, but work calls.

8.  Since we are missing out on the road that travels to Arkansas this weekend....we are going to have a crawfish boil with all the cousins in Flower Mound!  It's that time of year!

9.  The above reminds me that I must get in the car and go searching for Abita Strawberry beer!  It's so good and goes awesome w/ crawfish!  It's practically impossible to find it in TX!  The second it hits the shelves it is GONE!

10.  SP and I will be heading to yoga at 4 today!  It's wood class again.  YIKES!  Did I mention I was so sore last weekend I could hardly move.  My hamstrings JUST GOT less-tight yesterday!  Regardless, it's a good workout to end the week.  Just in case you don't make it back into the hot room for the rest of the weekend :)

Happy FRIDAY everyone!