LSU vs Florida

Back when LSU played beat Florida - we had family in town! Sean and I invited Grammy, Uncle Adam, & Aunt Christy over for the weekend to eat good food and watch the game! Everyone arrived around lunch time on Saturday! I made a big pot of creamy chicken chili that morning so that it would be ready for when they all showed up. Jack and Sheryl came over later to watch the game!

Sean had to work most of the day Saturday and Sunday, but he made time before the game on Saturday to cook ribs! Oh my - he's definitely perfected them. They just fall right off the bone. So good! My mom made a creme fraiche potato casserole, and I quickly sauteed some green beans. I also made this festive cake for dessert!

Sid got lots of extra loving that weekend! He sat on Uncle Adam's lap for a long time watching football!

He was much happier than his face allows, promise! 
Tiger Grammy and Tiger Baby!

We were so glad Aunt Christy was feeling well and was able to make the trip! She hadn't met Sid yet. He liked all her tickles! She and I spent most of the afternoon talking about oils! She is very well versed in them and I'm a newbie! 

Blue diaper on game day against Florida - I clearly wasn't thinking!
Blurry, but the best we got!
Louis' game face! 
Aunt Christy & Uncle Adam

The game ended late, but thankfully with a victory for LSU! GEAUX! Sunday morning Adam and Christy had to head back to Shreveport early, so we said our goodbyes Saturday night. We were so happy they were able to come! Thanks for making the drive, guys.

Grammy on the other hand didn't leave! Well, at least not alone! You guessed it...she took Sid and I back home along with her! We didn't head back until Tuesday though. 

Sunday Sean had to show more houses and Grammy and I ventured to the fabric store with Sid. We were looking for a fabric for her to make Yasha's future little brother a blanket with. No such luck. The rest of the day was spent just hanging out at home. We watched a little football, and played with Mr. Sid. Leftovers for dinner! Can't beat it :)

Grammy and I picked this cute outfit out for Sid. We put him in it, and we all (Sean included) started laughing so hard! It was a little big on him and he just looked ridiculous! I love these sweet outfits, but for some reason my son looks funny in them! He just isn't a sweet, dainty little guy. He's a macho baby - and macho babies look funny in sweet baby bubbles! Outfit fail :/

His face says it all!

Monday we lounged and got busy getting Sid and I all packed up! It takes a village and a big car these days!

Look - a pic of Sid and I that's not a selfie :)

We did manage to go eat at Uncle Julio's, which has always been a family favorite. If Grammy wants it, Grammy gets it! Sid did great - he only fussed once we started to eat. Perfect timing, ha!

We love when family comes to visit. There's nothing quite like having a house full of loved ones under one roof. Watching our tigers, eating bad good food, and spending quality time catching up! We can't wait to host everyone again over Thanksgiving!

Now, off to the mountain we go...


Weekends - Updated.

Weekends around here don't exactly look like they used to. Before last September (the month I found out we were expecting) I couldn't wait for Sean to finish up with work each Friday so we could get ready to go out for dinner and drinks! Saturdays were spent with usually a trip or two to Home Depot and grabbing lunch out together, then Sundays were veg day and if the season were right, football all day (which usually involved watching the Bears play at the smokiest bar in town - YUCK!).

What are weekends like around here now you ask? They involve Sid and I getting really excited on Friday afternoons when daddy walks into the nursery to play with us after working!

(excuse his saggy diaper - he practically scooted it completely off!)

They involve getting stuff done around the house on Saturdays in between naps and playing with our little man. They involve planning game day menus for all the football we watch! They involve togetherness. They involve love. They involve happiness!

He likes to lounge.

I have grown to love my weekends, more so now than ever! I love having our days revolve around making our house look cleaner and smell better because of the yummy food we're cooking!

Sid likes to help daddy work!

We hang out in the baby carrier while daddy works on cleaning out the garage. 

Sid loves playing in our bed on the weekends when we are being lazy and not wanting to get up! Where's Sidney?

Weekends really are the best! I love my boys so much and feel so lucky I have them to spend my days with. Between a funny husband and a very silly baby, our house is filled with a lot of laughter these days!

This weekend will be something special! Grammy (Louis, too!) will be coming. Uncle Adam and Aunt Christy will be coming! And Grandpa and Nana will be coming over, too! Sean will be grilling ribs and we will watch our Tigers play the FL Gators. Naturally, we are all scared. to. death. Then, on Sunday, Grammy is snatching Sid and I up and driving us back to Arkansas with her for the week, Yay! Lots to look forward to. 

So, our weekends look different. A lot different. But I'm pretty sure it goes without saying - I wouldn't have it any other way :)


Sidney Loyd - 4 months

Sidney is four months old! And as much as I miss him as a little baby, I am loving watching his personality develop. He brings so much joy to Sean and I. We laugh and smile at least 99.9% of the time while around him!

Here's what's been going on with Sid...

`He is nearly impossible to nurse these days if we aren't in a quiet room, just the two of us. He gets sooooo distracted! Or if Sean wants to sit in there and talk to me, he needs to already be in there when I start nursing, otherwise, I can't get him to focus on the task at hand - eating!

` He is becoming even more aware of where mommy and daddy are in a room. When we go to a friends house - he might let them hold him, but only if he can keep a good eye on where one of us is at all times.

` He sort of freaks out if there is too much stimulation somewhere. Like at a friends house. If there are just a few people and it's quiet and low key, he's golden. But when it's crazy and lots of people he doesn't want to leave my arms. It's pretty sweet - but I also want him to get used to others holding him.

` His new favorite thing is sitting up, assisted of course. He is still ok with laying on his back on a play mat or something, but after a few minutes, you will notice him straining his little neck & abs to sit up on his own. At that point one of us will put our hands out and say, "Want to sit up?" and he gives us his little hands, tightens his abs, and up he goes...all smiles!

No really! He really does smile!

 ` He is a flirt! He knows how to cut those eyes and give big grins when he wants to! They are just super hard to capture on camera because he gets interested in the phone instead. (see, easily distracted!)

` He is actually starting to enjoy tummy time!! We try to tell him it's ok to take a rest, but he refuses and will stay like this for long stretches of time now...

` We figured out that he fits in his stroller like a big boy! He doesn't have to be in the car seat to ride in the stroller, yay!

` He also fits in his Ergo much better these days! He doesn't last long in it, but it's nice to know he will tolerate it for a little while :)

` His other latest is standing! Once he's sitting, he then starts leaning forward and pushing on our hands so that he can get to standing! He thinks it's so fun when Sean or I let him "walk" on us! He knows how to step, one foot in front of the other, and he just smiiiiiles soooo big. He is such a big boy :)

` If he gets fussy, I have been able to distract him with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. He really loves it. I sing it over...and over...and over...and overrrrrrr again to him. The only time it doesn't work is in the evenings when I'm dressing him after his bath. He refuses to calm down sometimes until he us UP, sitting!

` He has rediscovered his tongue. During Sid's awake time, that tongue is out of his mouth most of the time! He thinks it's funny when daddy sticks his tongue out with him. Those boys ;)

` He is really good at entertaining himself for longer periods of time. I can lay him on his activity mat, or in his crib with his Baby Einstein ocean noise machine on, looking up at his mobile. Or sometimes he completely spins around and stares up at his hot air balloon picture above his crib.

` He has become quite demanding. When he wants something - he will let you know and won't back down until he gets it! It is sort of funny, but also loud. Ha! He's got the pterodactyl sound down pat!

` He is starting to transition out of his swaddle. We had a scare with his woombie one morning. Sean walked in and thankfully saw him push it up over his head completely! And from that moment on, the woombie was no more. Very sad day because we all loved it so much. We are trying to get him unswaddled completely because he is starting to roll over. He hasn't done it yet in his crib, but I know it's coming. So now he is in a transition sleep sac. Sometimes we leave his arms unswaddled for naps now and it's so cute. He rolls onto his side, pops his thumb in, and he's good to go! We tried it at night a few times, but wakes up screaming bloody murder so we end up putting his arms back in. We will get it done one of these days!

We love our little guy so much. I seriously don't remember what life was like without him. Well, maybe I do - but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Other things to note:

Weight: 17lbs 2oz (81st%)
Height: 26 1/4" (89th%)
Medical Issues: a tiny spot of cradle cap - but very minor and went away quickly.
Naps: One long morning nap, several afternoon naps that are shorter. We never wake from a nap anymore.
Night Sleep: 7:45 - 8am (woohoo!) - sometimes waking up once during the night, but soothing himself back to sleep. This started around week 17. Before he was still waking sometime between 5 & 6.
Clothing Size: 6-9 month (cloth diapers are harder to fit clothes over). Carter's fit him great!
Diapers: BG 4.0 w/ cotton inserts during the day / red prefold w/ cover for night
Diet: mama's milk / want to re-introduce a bottle again so daddy can feed him some.
Favorite Baby Gear: Baby Einstein sea activity mat / Fisher Price piano kick mat
Personality: serious and silly - a perfect combination of both. He knows certain squeals will get our attention and he loves to get all excited and then squeal really loud, then stop - and see if we reacted!
Milestones/Firsts: starting to roll over more, found his feet (but not totally grabbing yet)
Likes: sucking his hand/thumb, bath time makes him turn his frown upside down, sitting up, standing, being naked during tummy time, spitting up, getting lotion rubbed on him after bath (this is definitely a new thing - he used to HATE it!)
Dislikes: getting dressed, being in carseat for too long if he's awake, feeling left alone in a room!
Nicknames: Love Bug, SidSid, Little Munchkin