Recent Videos

I have some really awesome videos that I need to share!!!

1.  My parent's dancing at their 40th Anniversary house party!

2.   Ian singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to my mom and I last weekend on FaceTime.  SO CUTE!

Update in Pictures

Once again, I have been off of the blogging train.  I can't say I'm back on it, but I did decide to do a blog FULL of pictures over the last several months of stuff we've been up to!  Here it goes...

1.  My nephew, Asher turned 2 on February 6!  We had cake and ice cream at his grandmother's house and then we headed to Chuck-E-Cheese!

2.  Sean and I drove up to Bentonville for Mardi Gras!  We went to a Mardi Gras party at one of the oldest restaurants in town, Fred's.  My parent's are great friends of the owner's and they have been wanting to do a LA themed party for years now!  Glad we were there for the first one! 
Doing what he does best!  Dress wild and crazy!
Sean and I w/ my parent's (and no SP does not have bangs, it's the mask!)
 3.  The next day, the 4 of us drove to Eureka Springs.  We had a delicious Sunday brunch and then did so much antique shopping we barely got it all in the car!  Well, really we I just bought big things :)

Sean spotted this perfect craft table for me at one of the shops!
Then, my mom found the perfect chair to sit w/ it :)
4.  I caught up with an old friend!  Courtney and I went to middle school together and after a glass or two of red wine, we thought it to be a great idea to give all of our old Southfield buddies a shout out on Facebook, ha!

Not such a great picture, iPhone!
5.  I drove back to AR a few weeks after the previously mentioned trip for my parent's 40th wedding anniversary!  On Friday night, we met my Uncle Jim and Suzanne in Fayetteville at George's Majestic Lounge for some good music and drinks!
Thank you Dad for taking this picture!
The older generation doin' a little dancing!  I was BY FAR the youngest person there.
I'm pretty sure that's b/c it was only 6:30 pm at this point, ha!
Saturday night was their Red Solo Cup themed anniversary party!!!  We had sharpies, red solo cups, and the song on repeat for when everyone arrived (that sure got old fast, ha!)

The spread!  It was sooooo yummy!!

Happy 40th, Mom & Dad!
I was supposed to drive home the next day, but who could resist one more day relaxing at your parent's house infront of this fireplace :)  Not me!

6.  A few months ago, I broke the glass in the center of our coffee table.  So I got creative and did a little DIY project and turned it into a whole new look!

Stenciling the center.
Finished look!  It used to have glass only in the center, but I changed it to have glass over entire table
with the painted board in the center :)
7.  I decided my yard had some mighty good looking shrubs that would look great in a few vases around the house!

8.  I baked these delicious lemon cookies from a recipe I found on...can you guess where?  One clue, it starts with a P!

9.  Sean and I got to keep our favorite pet Clyde, while his parent's went away to Shreveport for the weekend.

He is truly a mans dog!
10.  St. Patty's Day Parade on lower Greenville in Dallas!! 

Shelby, Lori, Liz, ME, and Shelly
Paul loved the girls sitting in his jeep, ha 
Paul and Sean.  They have worn these matching shirts to this parade for years (dorks)!  J/k
I think Paul needs to share his laundry secret.  His shirt looks WAY better!
I'm not sure how many of us were crammed in the backseat of this cab!  6 I believe, +2 in the front.

Who's payin'!??
On Ozonas patio
 11.  My favorite little buddy, takin' a cruise.  Love getting new pictures of him!

Looking forward to keeping Ian again in May!
12.  My parent's drove in last weekend.  They met us in Roanoke for dinner on Friday night.  Sean's parent's and my cousins came to meet us as well!

My dad, ME, Jennifer, and Greg - Taking a raspberry infused vodka shot!
That same weekend, we boiled crawfish at our house!  Our first ever!!  

ME, Sean and Cole (our neighbor) chowing down on batch #1!
13.  I made this cute gift basket for one of Sean's clients!  It was a big deal and we are thankful they found a home they love and were able to close on :)

A cookbook, our favorite summer wine, Williams-Sonoma dish towels, and some freshly baked,
homemade strawberry bread :)
14.  Jenn turns 30 in 2 days!  She and Ben had a crawfish boil at their house this past Saturday.  2 weekends in a row w/ crawfish, perfect!!  

These were AMAZING!  They were so big and juicy!  Guess paying an extra $.50 payed off ;)
Grace (Jenn's sis-n-law), ME, and Jenn
15.  We finally made a planter box to grow some veggies!!!  Sean and his dad + my dad all had a hand in building, staining, and filling this beast of a box! 

Watering system almost in place.  Then, time to grow grow GROW!
16.  I baked again :)  I've been into it lately!  I made some reaaaally yummy whole wheat, oatmeal, very blueberry muffins!  

I feel like I need to make this list an even 20 now...

17.  Sean has become obsessed with remoulade sauce.  He wants to open a restaurant where everything is served with remoulade on top.  Funniest thing is that he can't say the word, ha!

18.  Starting Wednesday, I am going to keep my dear friend's baby during the week.  Just for the month of April.  Except for the week...

19. We leave for MAUI!!!!!  We have never been and can not WAIT!

20.  LAST BUT NOT LEAST....after Hawaii, I get to fly to DC and see my little buddy for a week!  Oh the joy!!!!  CAN NOT WAIT!  

If you made it through all of this, you're a trooper :)

Happy Spring!!!