my favorite nephew.

last weekend sean and i flew up to DC to meet my favorite (first and only!) nephew, Ian Felix Traylor.  OhMyGoodness, words can not describe how freakin' adorable this little guy is.  i mean, i'm not just saying that b/c i'm a super proud aunt.  i'm saying it because it's true.  he was almost 4 weeks when we saw him and he is so strong!  he holds his head up all on his own (with a few head bobs, but nothing to be alarmed about :) ).  here are a few pictures from the weekend.  i didn't realize until i got home that i didn't get a single picture with ian other than this stinky pic from my phone :(  i still don't know why i didn't get anymore pictures with him.

ian was always dressed in comfy little outfits with the day of the week on them, only, he hasn't quite learned the difference between friday and monday, or tuesday and thursday, etc...
(note: this picture was taken on Sunday, not bad, only one day ahead.  he's so smart!)
i got to hold ian for a long time saturday afternoon.  here we are together.  just look at that face.  that is no 4 week old face!!  he is thinking something BIG!
last but not least.  the best entertainment of all.  ian and his daddy droppin' a beat!
cute CUTE!


and the clock struck 12.

sean and i can't wait to have our reception at my parent's house for two reasons:

1. it has the atmosphere we want
2. the 'venue' doesn't shut down at a certain hour

i have gone back and forth with that #2.  we don't want the party to end!  we love music, friends, and having a good time!  it is our one wedding reception, shouldn't we do it big?!  do we have to have an end time, or do we just go until we can't go anymore?  we have even planned a late night snack :)  i know the majority of the guests will not be hanging out much past the midnight hour, but the ones who want to, why not let them?!  my brother married 4 years ago and he says his biggest regret of the entire day was ending their reception at 12am.

if we don't have an end time,  when do we tell the servers and other staff to leave?  we will not have a "getaway" moment, but do i really care?   which is more important?  a few pictures of us running through sparklers, or the late night on the dance floor with friends and family?  i know sean and i, and if we end early, we will just move the party elsewhere with the friends who stick around.    

we keep going back and forth!  both of us!  my heart says, keep it going!!  why can't i just make a decision!!!  must. make. decision. soon!


big smile :)

i have had the best day today!

it started off by cleaning a little b/c my brother is coming to stay the night with us.  he is flying out of DFW tomorrow AM headed to DC to meet our new nephew, Ian!  (sean and i will go next week to meet him!)  then i had to take tiffany to the airport, which ended in a shopping trip to nordstrom rack.  i went originally for sean's valentine's day gift, and left with his gift plus THREE DRESSES!  that's good enough to put anyone in a good mood, right?!  i NEVER find that much at one time.  i told myself i wasn't even going to try anything on, but i talked myself right out of that and was soon in the dressing room!  i found my rehearsal dinner dress and 2 shower dresses!  each for $60 or less!!

then, i came home and my doorbell rang.  it was the mailman bringing me a package that needed a signature...it was the earrings i ordered off of etsy to wear on my wedding day!  they couldn't be more perfect.  i love them so much and can't wait to wear them!  on top of that, last night around 7pm, UPS came to bring me my wedding shoes i ordered off of zappo's (free shipping!)...LOVE those too!  i have had a very lucky shopping spree these past few days and i love everything so much.  now the hardest part is going to be having to wait to wear it all!!

OH, i almost forgot...before UPS came last night, sean took me to buy my birthday present (yes, it was back in nov).  i knew he was getting me a bike, but it just hasn't exactly been the right weather to go ride so it was fine with me that he waited.  and this way i got to pick it out!  i can't wait to go riding when it gets warm :)

(i probably shouldn't be writing about this yet but i can't help it...i just got a text from sean asking for the last 4 of my social.  i texted him back, but not without a "why?" tagged behind it.  then, he called and said, what zip code do you have our AT&T bill under?! .... right then i knew.... he is getting me the iPhone 4 for valentine's day!!!  he's the best! and i am really ready for him to get home now, haha!)

happy friday everyone!


finally booked!

last night, sean and i finally booked our honeymoon!!!!!!!!!  i am beyond excited!  from the reviews we have read, it sounds like we found a true diamond in the rough :)  we decided probably a month ago where we were going, after MUCH research and back and forth.  here is a sneak peek!  playa mujeres, mx, here we come!!


let's play...

...in the snow!

snow angel! (sean forgot to take a pic of it once i got up!)

he taught me how to roll a real snowball, but i wasn't very good at it.

our snowman!!!!

isn't he the cutest snowman you've ever seen :)

i made the body and the head!

i pushed him in the snow :)


our patio.

the yard after we romped around in the snow.

our frozen solid driveway!


Jambalaya cookin'!

last week we cooked a yummy jambalaya recipe! i knew my oldest brother tried it out a week or so before, so i called him for some tips before diving in! (good thing!) i had to take photos of the process. the smell was overwhelmingly DELICIOUS!
you see, when we cook in my family, it's an event! we all get involved and it turns into an all day thing. good music to dance to while cookin', wine to sip on, and good company to visit with.
sean and i did just that! we put a little cajun music on, opened a bottle of vino, and cooked for the remainder of the afternoon :) (we danced around a little too!)
it turned out amazing (minus the fact that the rice didn't fully cook and was a little crunchy!).

*mental note: add more chicken stock and simmer a little longer next go round!
*funny note: the next AM, my brother called to tell me that he forgot to let me know about adding the extra stock for the rice to get fully cooked!

homemade broth.

all the veggies.

the chef w/ his sweater tucked in b/c he was cold from the draft (ha!).

andouille sausage in the cast iron, YUM!

the onions on their way to turning a beautiful caramelized color.

veggies, broth, and meat, all in the skillet.

(not sure why this picture is rotated)
we couldn't wait to take the last picture before digging in :)


Ice Prison!

we have been stuck at home for days b/c of ICE and FREEZING temps! today (and all the other days), we are going completely stir crazy! SP is determined to break free! this is our driveway! solid ice!!!!
but, again, DETERMINED! me? i'm scared to death! but, if he's getting out, so am i :)
we decided it would be a good night for some Jambalaya...mmmmm, Donald Link's recipe. can't wait! something needs to keep us busy during this "down time". cooking it is!

(oh, and did i mention our master bath sinks and line to the washer are FROZEN!). UGH!


wedding talk.

i am dying for the new spring dresses to come out! i am in search for the perfect white dress {or two}! my friend erin always says the bride should dress in white for all wedding weekend occasions, and i must say i like her idea very much. so cute white dresses...WHERE ARE YOU?

wedding planning is going good, but oh my gosh there is so much to do. i am starting to see my vision and am now able to start thinking of some of the smaller details. what to put in the welcome bags, what the wedding favor will be, jewelry for my girl's, details! lots and lots of little details.

our biggest headache at the moment is what to dress the guys in. is black too formal for our occasion? too hot? should we do light grey, khaki? we know tuxes are out, but it's so hard finding the perfect suite! i keep going back and forth and back and forth. and i don't think SP really cares so much. does the groom's suite have to be exactly the same as the others?

the earrings i want to wear are out of stock! and they have been for MONTHS!!! i don't know what to do! i can't find anything else i like. this is not good. sad when you have your heart set on something! i'll just keep checking i suppose!

we are snowed in today. our entire street is a sheet of ice! great!