Solo Outing.

It might sound crazy, but I haven't left the house in 8 weeks with just me and my baby. I'm sure all of you seasoned mamas think I'm silly, but I just haven't had to. Sean has been around so much that I just haven't felt like putting myself through the stress of getting out with Sid on my own. And not only that, I am really used to being home a lot so I haven't felt too antsy to get out. Today really was no different, but I was feeling like it might be time for me to venture out for a quick trip with Sid. 

When he woke up from his nap at 12:30, I fed him and then got our stuff together to head to Target. I needed to get a wedding gift for Adam who is coming to visit us this weekend! Target isn't too far away and I thought it would be easy! Sean watched Sid while I shoveled lunch and got dressed.

Side note: I have never eaten so fast in my life than I have since Sid has been born! Not a habit I enjoy, but you do what you gotta do, right? 

I got Sid buckled into the car seat and Sean carried him out the front door while I backed the car out of the garage. I have gotten the car seat out of the car many times by myself, but never have I ever put it in the car by myself. I kiss Sean goodbye and then I worked on placing the seat in the base. It was a total disaster! I got it placed on the base just fine, but didn't realize how much muscle I needed to hold onto it with! It literally SLAMMED down into the base so hard I about gave myself a heart attack! Not to mention what I've just done to my precious baby inside! While I was busy trying to catch my breath I flipped up the car seat cover to make sure Sid was ok. He was perfectly fine, happy as could be. I on the other hand was totally freaking out over what I had just put him through. Can we just take a moment to realize we haven't even pulled out of the driveway yet?! OH my. 

Off we go! The 10 minuets in the car was easy. I put on our favorite Pandora station and sang along. I could hear his little feet squirming a little, which gave me comfort because I knew he was ok. We can't put a mirror in our car so I have no way of seeing him. 

I had been very strategic in planning our outing. I knew I was going to park towards the back of the parking lot and next to a buggy drop off. This way I could easily get a buggy to put the car seat in without having to lug it all the way inside! I also wanted to make sure I was in the way back of the parking lot because I wasn't sure how fumbly I'd be getting in and out. I wanted to be a little secluded so I could be the one laughing, not the passerby's. This all worked out perfect. Sid was still awake, and happy.

The aisle I needed was all the way in the back of the store. We went straight to what I needed. It took me a minute to get it all sorted out and about this time, I could feel his patience started to dwindle. (Why was he even still awake?! Normally he just sleeps when we take him out!). I get what I needed and off we go towards the checkout, only stopping by the women's clothes for a brief second. Maybe I was pressing my luck at this point, but keep in mind this has only been a total of 10 minutes inside. 

The second I rolled into the clothes section the wailing began! And it didn't stop, but I had spotted a cute top that I wanted! I stopped and dug the paci out of the diaper bag. No such luck! He kept spitting it out and getting more mad. I threw the top in the shopping cart and to the checkout we went. 

Go figure. Only 3 aisles open and all of which had lines. There was a nice looking lady at a checkout and she was just finishing up with a customer, but her light wasn't on. I made eye contact with her and asked her with a desperate look if she was still open (knowing she wasn't). She said, "Sure, come on I'll take you." I thanked her so much because I was going to probably abort mission had I of had to wait in the other lines. I told her it was our first outing out together and of course he decided to start screaming! I told her we've been out as a family of 3 plenty of times and he does great! She told me not to worry and it happens all the time. I sort of felt better, but I also was just ready to get out of there!!!

By the time we got outside, Sid was perfectly content again. Go figure. I got him loaded up (much more gracefully this time) and we were headed back home! I called Sean to tell him how awful it was and that I was never going anywhere with him alone again (I'm dramatic - what can I say - I don't really mean it!). 

I couldn't help but feel a little discouraged after this. I just couldn't believe he wasn't chill! Just before we got home, a special song came on Pandora. Bob Marley, Three Little Birds. It was a sign. My dad was with us and watching over us the whole time. This was the song we sang at his funeral. It will always remind me of him. 

Don't worry, about a thing. 'Cause every little thing, is gonna be alright.  ~Bob Marley


Sid's First Road Trip!

Grammy was here with us over the 4th of July weekend! She had planned on heading back to Arkansas earrrrrrly Monday morning. On Saturday afternoon, Sean and I were sitting in the nursery while I was feeding Sid and I just randomly looked at Sean and said, "Hey wanna go to Arkansas?", to which he replied, "When?", "Tomorrow?", I said. He usually looks at me like I'm crazy when I come up with these spontaneous ideas - thinking my mom and I have been scheming something up! We are known for trying to figure out a way to squeeze in just a feeeew more days together, pretty much every time we are together :) Especially now that her grandson is involved! He just needed to check his schedule to make sure he didn't have anything going on with work before he fully committed, but he knows once he gives me an almost yes, my bags are packed - and unless he wants one disappointed wifey, his better be too, ha!

By late Saturday afternoon we devised our plan. Sid and I were going to hitch a ride with Grammy and Louis up to Arkansas and Sean was going to meet us on the mountain on Wednesday! Yippee!!! I was instantly exhausted thinking about everything I needed get packed. It wasn't just about packing what I needed anymore. I had a little one to pack for, too! 

This doesn't include my stuff, yikes!

Sid was a total CHAMP in the car! It only took us an extra hour to get there. We left on Sunday after his 9AM feeding. We had to stop twice to nurse him on the way, and only one other time under a nice shady oak tree to walk around with him because he was tired of that darn carseat. I can't blame him!

Sid loved being on the mountain! His favorite thing was when Grammy would rock him in her white rocker on her front porch in the evenings when he would get fussy!

My mom would go to work every morning from 8-12, and Sid and I would hang out at the house. We did a lot of tummy time on Grammy's bed. He loved her room because of the big windows and natural light in there!

Stare-off contest

It was a good week for me to have my mom there. Sid was extra fussy, almost the entire week. Apparently, around week 5 babies go through a really gassy period because their digestive tracks are developing. Poor little guy had some serious tummy issues. Thankfully they make a thing called gripe water, and we definitely used it! 

Sid took a lot of naps on his tummy. He loves sleeping on his belly. We only let him do this when we are close by, but our little man is so strong, we aren't too worried!

I think Grammy was the receiver of his first smile! 
Happy baby in the morning :)
Louis trying to get attention by bringing crab apples in from outside, ha!
Hanging out, watching TV!
Grammy's new norm! I think she also had a computer in her lap, too! HA! That's talent!

Sid slept GREAT the entire week. He was a bit of a binge eater in the evenings, but this allowed him to sleep for 6 hour stretches at night. HELLO AWESOMENESS! 

Daddy showed up on Wednesday, yay! We missed him a lot, and I think the feeling was mutual :) We sent him lots of pictures on the days he wasn't with us. 

On Saturday, we put together a little Sip and See for all of our friends in Arkansas. It was a last minute decision. I was nervous because of his fussiness, and eating frenzy, how it would work with company, but Sid was a trooper! He slept the entire time in different peoples arms as he was passed around. Thanks, Grammy for the fun little party! We ordered cupcakes with his initials on them, cut up some watermelon, and made sausage balls. We also had mimosas. 

Pictures of Sid
Showing off his Feltman Brothers outfit Grammy bought him :)
Just before he fell asleep in my arms
Loved him in this little outfit!
The spread!
Janie getting to hold Mr. Sid
Perfection :)
Other than trying to keep the baby happy, cooking dinner, and resting ourselves, our time on the mountain was pretty chill. Just the way we like it! Sean was able to get some things around the house done, which is always nice. I know my mom appreciates his help, and it makes us feel good that he can help out when he is there. 

Here are a few more photos of our time on the mountain :)

Sunday morning breakfast! Dutch Baby with peaches, and scrambled eggs!
Louis bringing Sid his paci, ha! (KIDDING!)

One day we watched cooking shows all day! Ina inspired us to make not only delicious burgers with sweet potato fries, but we also made her salted caramel ice cream. Oh yes. We did! And I'd do it again, right now. It was sooooooooooo so rich good!

Making the custard
I love his serious faces!
Happy boy!
The magic touch :)
Who doesn't love baby feet!

We drove home on Tuesday. We hit the road after Sid's 5:30 morning feed. It was early, but it was nice to have our afternoon at home before he got too fussy. Sid was a trooper again in the car! Let's hear it for the boy (anyone else singing Madonna now?)!  

I kept peeking through the carseat cover to see if he was asleep yet.
Home sweet home :)
Thanks for the week on the mountain, Grammy! We can't wait to do it again! But remember, our door is always open :)

We will head back to the mountain for Labor Day, and Sid will get to meet his cousin Yasha for the first time! I'm not sure who is more excited :)


Fourth of July & Sid is One Month!

I can't believe I'm already writing a post about Sid being one month already! This post is actually a little late and he is actually 6 weeks right now. I had the conversation this morning with Sean about how in the world will I ever let him go off to college if I'm already struggling with him not being my baby anymore! REALLY? GET A GRIP, CATHERINE! He is still such a baby! Gosh, I'm insane!

Anyway :)...

Sid is one month! He is so awesome. Each day brings something new. Sean and I have loved seeing what each day will bring. Some days he is full of fuss, other days he's the most content baby ever!

Fourth of July was his one month birthday!

Grammy was back in town and we were so thankful!

Sid hit a bit of a fussy period during his 4th and 5th weeks. I was having a hard time with it because I didn't understand how he could be so fussy, so often. Apparently babies have gas! Who knew ;) I understood this, but what I didn't understand was that just because he had gas yesterday didn't mean he wouldn't have gas again today! Gripe water became his my best friend!

On the 4th, we took Sid to Flower Mound to my cousin's house. My mom made him his first ugly cake :) No, really!

It might be ugly, but it was very yummy!

I was already exhausted before leaving due to all the stuff we had to take with us. Sheesh! He slept on the ride up there, and for a little while after in his carseat. But once he woke up, he was mister fussy pants! I basically spent my entire time in the bedroom trying to nurse or calm him down. My mom and cousin Jennifer tried to help, but poor baby. He was not happy. This didn't make for a very enjoyable time for me. I think I will think twice before taking him somewhere else until he gets a little older. It was just too stressful for me. We stayed for a few hours then headed back home before his next feeding.

On Saturday, Sean decided he wanted to tackle fried chicken! It was a lot of work, but turned out great!

The Parks' joined us for a late lunch. We made mashed potatoes, lentil salad, and brussel sprout slaw to go with the chicken. Sheryl brought peach pie for dessert!

We never seem to go hungry :)
We had a great weekend together, and were so glad Grammy was able to join us over the holiday!

Sid's First Month:

He is maturing each day. In the beginning I tried putting him on a schedule, but I quickly, after lots of frustration on my end, realized I needed to relax. If he got off, it wasn't the end of the world. He has been an awesome sleeper, practically from day one! Around 4 weeks, he sort of started turning into a cat napper during the day. His doctor says this is perfectly normal and ok, and not to force anything. Many nights, he has already started to sleep for 5-6 hour stretches. He doesn't do this every night, but even when he doesn't, 4 hours is not bad! We normally put him down between 9 and 9:30. Bath time is hard because the schedule I've been attempting to follow wants you to bathe him right after a long nap. Well, Sid doesn't want to be bathed after a long nap. He wants to EAT (can you blame him, ha!). So that's been a challenge. Figuring out how to go against the grain and bathe him when he's in a good mood! He still rolls from his stomach to his back occasionally. We always get so excited when this happens! And I was finally able to catch it on video!

We are just enjoying being a family of three and spending lots of time together at home. Sean has started working a little more and trying to get back into his normal routine. It's hard when there is such a cute baby around to play with :)

Here are a few of my favorite pictures!

He is really starting to love baby wearing :)
Look how long he is!
He came to Central Market with us and slept like a champ!
He loves holding his paci.
Daddy making his getaway so Sid doesn't see him and wake up!
Happy one month, sweet boy!!



A few special family members and friends were able to see Sid before his first 2 weeks of life had passed. Sean and I have been very careful about too many visitors, as Sid hasn't had his shots yet, and...well, because I'm just a paranoid germophobe!

Aunt Jenn came to visit, and it couldn't have come at a better time! Sean had to leave for a few hours for work, and Grammy was back on her mountain. I was still not fully comfortable with the baby on my own yet due to my inability to be super mobile from labor. She came over to meet Sid and help me :)

Aunt Kelly came one Saturday and brought us a yummy lunch! I remember when her twins were born and wondering how she would ever manage two at a time! 

Cousin Claire and Aunt Jennifer came over to see Sidney again because they didn't get their fill when they visited us at the hospital :)

Uncle Jim and Aunt Suzanne came from Shreveport to meet Sid! Adam and Christy got married on June 14, so we were able to all watch it together from our living room. It was a live stream straight from Vegas! It was cool to have them here!!

Shawn travels from his home in DC to Austin quite a bit. He was able to swing through DFW for a few hours to come meet his first nephew! Grammy was in town also, so he got to not only meet Sid, but also got to hug his sister and Mama, too :)

And his wife, Anastasia (Aunty A), gets to come to Dallas every so often for work also! So she was able to meet Sid the following week!! Don't they look cute in all their stripes :)

Maya is a new friend! I met her at my prenatal yoga class! We became instant friends! She was due just a month after me! We now know she has welcomed her baby BOY (it was a surprise!) into the world! I am so excited about our friendship and future play dates! She came over and brought us some earth friendly diapers to try :) Thanks, Maya!

Aaron and Katie came in town from Florida for Katie's baby shower! She is due with a baby girl in September! They brought lunch over one day and had a nice visit! I gave Katie all my tips I've learned so far :)

There is still a line of folks waiting to meet that cutie of ours! Uncle Adam and Aunt Christy are trying to get here, but life has just been crazy! 

We are so thankful for all these friends and family members who have made time to come meet Sid. He is so special to us and we love getting to show him off!


The First Two Weeks

(This post is a little late, b/c now I'm about to have a 4 week old! Ah!)

My goodness! I can't believe I am about to have a 3 week old on Friday! Our lives have changed so much. I haven't left my house except for 2 doctors appointments and 1 trip back to the hospital for a PKU test for Sid. And you know what? I'm totally ok with that! I enjoy my days with my new sweetie.

Week one was hard. Really hard. And not because of the baby, because of my recovery. My labor knocked me down pretty hard. I had a hard time getting up and down without assistance. And even still I'd get the motivation to stand up with someone's support, but then it'd take me at least 5 minutes to actually get up! I was so sore in places we don't even need to discuss! And my entire body alone was so fatigued from all the laboring and pushing I did. I would cry almost daily wondering if I was ever going to feel better. I felt like I couldn't properly care for Sid because it was so hard for me to get up and down. I was having to be waited on hand and foot, and all I wanted to do was bond with my baby. That was really hard because I felt so bad. I am so thankful I delivered on a Friday because it allowed my mom lots of extra days to get to spend with us. There must have been an angel watching over us because the timing was just perfect. That angel must've known how much I needed she and Sean's help. My mom came on Friday and didn't leave until Tuesday. Her leaving...let's just say we shared a few ugly cries before she left. I'm talking days before because I knew it was coming! Oy! Pregnancy hormones can be crazy, but postpartum hormones - they are no joke! Thankfully they only lasted until Wednesday. I think that was the day I had my last why the hell am I sitting here crying? moment!

For the first two weeks our schedule was to not really have a schedule. I knew he had to eat every 2.5-3 hours during the day, and every 3-4 hours at night. Right off the bat, we had a good sleeper on our hands. He would go 3 hours during the day, and 4, sometimes 5 hours at night! On our second pediatricians visit, she told me I no longer had to worry about waking him to feed at night.  WooHoo! Great job, Sid! It became pretty standard for us to do one middle of the night feeding usually around 2, and then one really early feed around 5. Then he would go to Grammy's room and sleep in his Rock and Play for a few hours before waking for the day. I loved going in the nursery to nurse, then about 30 minutes later I'd hear my mom go turn on the coffee pot then she'd come in ready to take over! Yay for Grammy's!!

My mom was here from Friday - Tuesday, then drove back on the following Friday and stayed through the following Saturday! She was supposed to leave on Thursday, but thanks to a bit of car trouble, she was forced to stay 2 more nights ;) Her birthday was on Friday, so it was nice that she got to spend it with us! The best part about her birthday? The cake Sean planned on making for her - that she ended up having to prep a lot for because he got busy with work. This sounds like no big deal, but this was not just any birthday cake! Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe cake. Take a look!

Back to Sid, I want to add that we haven't started the cloth diapers yet. At first they were too big for him, but then I just was sort of overwhelmed with everything so decided to push it off another week until we are into more of a groove.

Now we have come to the photo bomb portion of this post. I can't help it! I have a cute, squishy new baby that requires a new photo taken every move he makes. Ok, maybe not...but pretty close! Please enjoy ;)
Grammy gave you your first bath in the sink :) I wanted to watch and learn!
Early morning nursing
I think he just rolled over!

She became a pro at swaddling after a few days!
The day my mom was supposed to leave, I found this sweet note on my nursing table :) 
Burping him cracks me up! Look at his raised eyebrows!
Grammy with her babies :)
Lots of tummy time with daddy!
Fist stroll around the block
I think he hated it, NOT! 
Nice and clean after a nice bath :)  I was brave and gave him his second bath, ha!
Sweet baby feet
Shemele took newborn pictures! 
Grammy says you are talking to the angels. So sweet :)
This happens often. Both asleep!
I'm in love 
First visit to the pediatrician - Sid was so good! - Except for when he pee'd on his daddy!
I think someone forgot how to hold a newborn, ha!
More tummy time!
More sleeping!

Things to note:

- He rolled over at 9 days old and then again at 14 days old! He just randomly does it. Crazy!
- He loves to pee when his diaper is off. So far the record of pee'ing on himself is 3 times in one day. This may or may not be my fault : /
- Sid is a good baby!