It's Finally Here!

SP and I ordered this bed....

Wayyyyyyyyyyy back in August.  Yes, August.  It pains me to say we have been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting.  And waiting.  It was supposed to only take 8-10 weeks.  It quickly turned into almost 7 months!  It was one thing after another.  Delay at the factory, now it will be end of December.  Then when they called again and pushed it off even further, I got, a little a lot, annoyed!!  Now it was going to be the end of February.  Seriously?  END OF FEBRUARY?!  I hooped and hollered until I got an answer as to why this is happening!  Turns out.  They were having problems with the fabric.  The factory kept shipping it and C&B would refuse it b/c it wasn't dyed properly.  So, they were nice and offered us the choice of 30% off, or the opportunity to pick out another bed.  We opted to wait a little longer and get the extra percentage off.

So, yesterday.  The doorbell rang and there it was!  The C&B truck with our bed in tow!!!

My excitement level was a little ridiculous.  This is how our master bedroom has looked since August.  And no, I'm not kidding.  I wish I was.

Boring bedframe with no pillows
Old pillows and possible bedding waiting patiently on the floor.  

It is time to be out with the old and in with the new...

SP helping the delivery guy out :)

We have a old piece of ceiling tin that is turquoise and rusty.
It will be hung above our bed (today if I'm lucky!) :)

We have so much natural light in our room that it is really hard to get a good photograph!

Wow!  We love it.  There are a few things are slightly "off" but we will get over them and learn to love it.  Just simple things.  Like, maybe already wanting to re-stain the legs : //  But that's neither here nor there, we love it :)  It felt so good to sleep in a proper bed last night.  The bed is a bit higher than I thought it was going to be, but I actually like it high.  I know it's not the modern platform look, but my house is eclectic and has a mix of both modern and traditional.  It fits us perfectly!

Now, I need to buy new lamps, curtains, and a cover for that long body pillow back there.  Hmmm, can't decide what to do!


We're Hooked!

I'd say for at least a year I've talked about hot yoga.  I've heard a lot about it from my friend Lacy, who has her own Bikram yoga studio in Columbia, SC, and from my friend Kelly, who has been going to hot yoga at Sunstone Yoga in Dallas for years!  Both Lacy and Kelly SWEAR by this sweaty practice. So I have been too intimidated to go try it by myself due to the heat factor.  I do not like to be hot and was convinced in my head I was going to be the one passed out in the corner! SP would never do it b/c he always had the mindset of "I need to get in shape first."  Well, actually, that's not true at all.  You go to GET in shape, but whatever...guys mentality.  What can you do?!

This past week we were talking and he randomly decided to try it with me!  YAY!  So we marked our calendars and Saturday morning we were off!

We started with an intro class, just basically to familiarize ourselves with the studio and how the classes are run.  There was no yoga involved.  After 30 minutes of lots of information, we attended our first hot yoga class, Spark (90 degrees w/ 60% humidity.  Less intense than their Fire series which is 98.6 degrees).  Oh, and Bikram Yoga, that Lacy does, it's in a room of 105 degrees (ah!).  The funniest part about our morning was...at the studio they provide free towel and mat service.  I knew this, but still thought it would be a good idea to bring our own.  So while heading into the locker room to get ready for class I had my purse, my yoga matt, my water bottle, papers from the intro class, my towel, Sean's towel (why I do not know!), PLUS the towel the instructor handed me to use....ALL IN MY ARMS!!  HA!  I must have looked like a hot mess!  And I hadn't even started class yet!  So we all hurry to get all of our stuff put into our little cubicles and head into class.  The instructor had to come in the locker room looking for me b/c it took me so long to get all of that extra stuff shoved in my little square cubicle.  HA!  Oh, b/c at this point I had to squeeze my fleece I was wearing in there too!  SHEESH!  Regardless, I made it into the HOT room.

When you walk in, it is so dark you can hardly see your hand in front of your face before your eyes get adjusted.  I'm pretty sure SP and I were both saying a prayer that we didn't step on any participating yogis while finding our spot on the floor :)  We made it and before we knew it, it was time for class to start!  Lights on, here we go!

After an intense 60 minute workout, we were hooked!  We loved it!  We were all sweaty and nasty when we left.  And the 30 degree weather felt awesome outside!

Yoga is such a cool workout.  It's cardio, strength training, and flexibility all in one.  Not to mention the mental benefits.  It's great.  We love it.  And I'm  so happy we have each other to help motivate.  If you are one of those people that thinks yoga is just a few stretching poses, get your booty in a hot room and give it a try!  You will be surprised how you feel afterwards!

We've already got this next week of classes on our calendar!  Happy Sweating :)


Road Trip x 2 !!!

May and July are booked with road trips!  They look something like this...

(...and Mom, I know amphitheater is spelled wrong!)


This trip we will celebrate our 2 yr anniversary and 4th of July!

My brain is going crazy trying to plan the travel part of these adventures!  I want to stop at lots of cool, unusual, off the beaten path type places.

Have any of you driven these routes?

Fort Worth > Denver, CO (New Mexico route)
Fort Worth > Gulf Shores, AL (New Orleans route)

If so, are there places you've stopped or stayed that we should know about?  What about food?  The more hole in the wall the better!  Let me know!


Week In Arkansas

It was a busy week!  My parents are getting new carpet (today actually) and I was there to help get them settled back home and to help get all the stuff up, off the carpet upstairs...yikes!  Lots of stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff :)  My favorite part was when we got to the master bedroom.  We opened up their old trunk and hiding out was a TON of my old artwork!  I'm talking middle school - college art! I got very sidetracked looking through all of it!

Freshman year design work (circa 2001)...The Ruling Pen.  I can't talk about this skill
(or lack there of!) without crying I'm pretty sure, hA!

Once getting refocused, my mom was sitting on her bed going through a box of keepsakes (refocused?  hmm, maybe not quite yet) and out pops a vintage gold ring! It was so cool!  And, it fit my right finger perfect :)  It is an old ring that my dad gifted to her a long time ago.  They aren't sure what for, but think 5 year anniversary maybe!?  She told me I could have it.  I just love it!  It's so simple, but old and unique.  I love having passed down jewelry.  Thanks, Mom :)  Isn't it so cute?

It needs to be appraised and it is missing one tiny diamond that I will let SP replace , )

We next moved  into the guest bedroom disaster closet.  This room was full of old black and white photographs of my moms family.  Mostly her late brother, my Uncle Larry.  Check out some of these old pictures.  I could sit and look through old photographs of my family for hours.

Funny thing...he grew up to be a cowboy :)

Look at that little sailor outfit.  Amazing picture.
My mom told me her mom (my Nana) used to always dress Larry in
the cutest outfits! 
HA, tell me it's not hilarious seeing how high his pants are pulled up!!??
These next two are not nearly as old, but just as funny good...

My brother Adam and I in Wyoming... circa mid 90's

My cousin Boyd's wedding!  See the man in the top row with glasses, white shirt peeking out
from behind the groom?  That's my Uncle Larry (from little boy pics above!)
How much fun are old photographs?!

Friday night we cooked tortilla soup and watched 007: Skyfall.  We were in bed early :)

I sent this pic to SP.  Showing him while he was at the bar, I was in bed...HA :) 
Woke up Saturday with a little bit of pretty white snow on the ground!  It was lovely while it lasted.  We even saw some deer outside while enjoying our morning coffee.  I always try to take a picture of them, but they blend in so well with the trees they never turn out.

After breakfast I loaded up the car, helped my mom load up her car with all the stuff we cleaned out to donate, and hit the road!  I was home by 4.  Glad to be back at home, but always love my time on the mountain :)


Nightly Star Gazing

I love the idea of this.  Maybe one day I will live in a place that has little light pollution.  One can dream :)


Love Emails

I decided to send SP a few silly emails throughout the day since we can't be together on this day of love!  It's been quite entertaining :)

"You are the chicken to my waffle."

He said this one made him laugh and hungry!  I have to agree, yumm yumm!

The funniest part about the next picture is his response!

I don't know what he's talking about :)
Hopefully you're finding fun ways to show your love to your valentine :)  I am sure having fun with mine, regardless of the distance between us!

Happy Day of Love :)

Happy Day!! Maybe it is just a "Hallmark" holiday, but who cares! Who doesn't love to hear "I love you", or "you are loved"! This morning I am still in Arkansas. I woke up to sweet texts from SP. He definitely loves me :)) He said he was trying to figure out a way to drive up here and surprise me for dinner tonight. It can't happen, but it's the thought that counts! I sent him an email saying "you are the chicken to my waffle"...with a yummy food pic attached :)) And. He has a surprise coming in the mail later!
I also got a sweet card from my dad :)) He definitely loves me, too :))

Happy Valentine's day!!


Chateau Parks is Booked!

The story of how our house became Chateau Parks
When my parents come to stay, my husband loves to decorate their room with random things.  Usually chocolates on their pillow, a fresh bar of soap, and whatever else might strike him as entertaining.  My dad started all of this.  Before, when they would come to stay, he would request certain things like a fresh bar of soap, 1/2 & 1/2 for his coffee in the AM, real milk (we drink almond), real peanut butter (we use almond), bottled water (ok fine, but only if you recycle the bottle!)...he is a man who must have all of his creature comforts, and then some :)

Last Weekend Booking at Chateau Parks
This past weekend, my parents drove up from Houston with my brother Adam and his girlfriend, Christy.  We had a house full on Saturday night, and we loved it!  One of mine and SP's most favorite things to do is entertain!  It gives us a good excuse to deep clean the house and cook mouth watering food!

We spent Saturday preparing for their arrival.  Did a little house cleaning and decorating!  We had to make Chateau Parks perfect for our guests :)  We went to Central Market and bought some groceries and flowers.  We made a run by Anthropologie, too.  I needed gifts for their room and I saw the perfect items there!

Centerpiece pre-flowers.  I used my mason jars!
I love how it turned out.  And carnations, I hear they're making a comeback!
Gifts, a card, Good Luck soup mix, and baby's breath..all on a silver platter :)
This card has a lot of inside jokes, but still funny if you're out of the loop!

The bathroom
SP prepared chicken and shrimp fajitas on the charcoal pit.  We made cuban black beans, cilantro lime rice, and had cappuccino mochi for dessert.  We all enjoyed it very much, but not as much as my dad!  This was his first proper meal in a month, at least!  We did everything we could to make it special for him :)  I can't believe we didn't get a picture of this meal!  :(  We were caught up in the moment I suppose :)

Saturday evening, the kids, went up to Bronson Rock in Keller for a drink or two. It was a yucky evening so we didn't stay too long.  It was fun for a minute though!

Christy, SP and I
Me, Adam, and Christy...it was cold and wet and my hair started to curl! 
Siblings :)
Sunday morning, we woke up and my mom cooked us eggs and toast.  White toast, b/c my dad can not have wheat right now.  Then we said goodbye to Adam and Christy as they left for Shreveport.  My mom and I had to then go return the rental car they drove up.  While we took care of that, SP and my dad were left home getting the dinner prep done!  We had BBQ chicken, potato and green beans!  And, Jack and Sheryl (in-laws) joined us :)  

Cookin' that chicken!
Mmmmm :)
This is one. happy. man.
Sunday, we packed up the car and somehow all 3 (no SP) fit in it.  Man, were we crammed in there!!

My parents flew to Houston a month ago...how in the heck did they
accumulate THIS MUCH STUFF?!?!  This takes serious talent!
At the halfway point, my mom took over the driving and I squeezed
into the backseat!
We arrived at the Escarpment just after 5 o'clock.  I could see it in their eyes, tired, but sooooo happy to be H O M E ! ! !  The only downside?  They left their house in such a whirlwind, they didn't exactly have time to clean or put up any christmas decorations.  This week will be spent monitoring what my dad eats, and cleaning this place up!!!

So glad they are home, and I have to say... I have missed my home away from home!


Superbowl Sunday

It wasn't until around 10 in the morning that SP and I decided we wanted to cook some chicken wings! It was Superbowl Sunday, isn't that day made for grilling?  I texted a few friends to come over around 5 for wings, potato salad, beer, and football!  

The afternoon was spent with SP cooking wings and me in the kitchen making potato salad and a fancy 7-layer dip :)  It was another gorgeous day.  We had the windows open and the music going!  And let me not forget the beer drinking that started at noon :)  

Jenn, Elise, and our friend Tom came over.  Poor Ben ended up with a fever and wasn't able to make it.  Elise had a good time dancing to Beyonce at halftime.  It was so funny watching her and realizing she has already surpassed her mother's dance moves (j/k Jenn!!).

The food was good and so was the company.  The game...who won?  I kid I kid, but I will say I didn't watch it...much :)  I just didn't really care who won...Ravens or 49ers.  I think the most exciting thing was the blackout that happened at the Superdome!  Anyway, the Ravens won.  Yay, ha!

On another note, my parents hopped in the car and headed south to Galveston!  It was a great day in Houston and my dad was feeling a whole lot better.  So what better way to celebrate than by putting your feet in the sand.  Aren't they cute?

So glad they were able to get outside and enjoy God's beautiful creation!  YAY for my dad and his stomach getting better!!!


I Promise Spontaneity!

This past weekend was practically perfect.  No, I'm serious.
What describes a perfect weekend for me?

One where SP doesn't have to work too much.
One where SP and I do spontaneous things...(this was even written into our wedding vows:  I promise spontaneity, adventure, and a life that is fun and always different.)
One were we can enjoy our beautiful home.
One where we can cook for friends.
One where the weather is simply perfection.

Here's the breakdown:

Friday afternoon I unknowingly got my hair chopped off!  I went in wanting a trim, but somewhere between the parking lot and the stylists chair, I went 6ish" shorter! It's longer in the front than the back.  I really like it :)

That evening we did our usual 'Fire Pit Friday' with the neighbors.   We were back inside watching The Americans by 9.  We are HOOKED already!  If you don't know what it is, check it out.  New series on FX!

Before going to bed, we talked about getting up and heading to Eagle Mountain Lake. It's a little lake town about 25 minutes away.  We noticed they have some nice trails that run right alongside the lake.  We've been wanting to check it out!

Saturday morning, we woke up ready to go!  We made waffles and bacon and then sat around for a little bit letting our breakfast settle (ok, so maybe not super ready to go, ha!).  Before long, we had changed our day trip 3 times, landing on Canton!! Sean had never been, and I've only been one other time.

Off we went...

We made it to in a little under an hour and a half!  We decided not to walk through the newer, boutique stuff.  We wanted to hit up the flea market/antique part of it. We both love to rummage through junk to find hidden gems :)

1. Old rusty letters.  2. Should have bought these candle sticks :(  3. That's a whole lotta love :)  4.  If these old boots could talk...
It sort of felt like being at the fair, considering all the healthy food we ate!

We ate these while waiting in the corn dog line, ha! 
Texas Twister potatoes!
Corn dog + fresh squeezed lemonade!
Alllllll gone :)
We tried to refrain, but the smell got us!  (we split it, I promise!)
Let me add this...SP ate just as much crap as I did, but for some reason he kept being behind the camera in between bites, so it looks like I was the only one! Sneaky sneaky!

We found some good stuff!

1. A wooden spoon for $1.  2. A liquor decanter ($25) that we've had our eye out for, for a loooong time!
3. A very heavy brass planter for $12!
And my all time favorite thing, that I have been wanting for over a year and haven't been able to find exactly what I was looking for...

A bar cart!  I've been wanting something in my dining room to put some pretty glass decanters on for so long.  I am still completely excited about this find!  It was only $25!!!  And, I don't even need to paint it b/c it is a perfect color to match the room!  I will do another post soon of how it is now decorated!

It was a long day, and we were wiped after walking around for hours.  We got back into our area around 5ish and decided to stop for a beer at The Ginger Man in Southlake.  Oh, and a soft pretzel to go along with our Belgian beer :)

So, Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday.  I think I will do a separate post for that day :)  It deserves it!