Thanksgiving at the Pope's

This year, Thanksgiving couldn't have come fast enough. We hadn't seen Grammy since early September. We were all verrrrrry ready to see each other. FaceTime is wonderful, but it's not like having the real thing :)

We originally thought we were going to host my Aunt Vida and cousin Jim for Thanksgiving, along with Grammy and Sean's parents. At the last minute, things got crazy for us, & my aunt decided it was better for she and Jim to stay in Shreveport instead. We ended up going up to my cousin Jennifer's in Flower Mound. Sean's parents joined us. They had a smaller group this year as well, so it really worked out great, and way stress free for us since we weren't hosting all the folks :)

I hardly got any pictures (shame shame!). But I guess that just means I was enjoying myself instead of being focused on picture taking.

Grammy and Louis showed up on Wednesday! Yay!!

We were in charge of sweet potatoes, a green salad, cranberry sauce, and a dessert. I made a pumpkin cheesecake that was pretty darn delicious! I got the idea from The Pioneer Woman. On her Thanksgiving special she made one with a ginger snap crust. I just had to have it! Other than that, we had the very traditional meal. Turkey, ham, my grandmother's dressing, green bean casserole, rolls...all that yummy stuff that you only get once a year!

One of the 2 turkeys!
Sid playing with a spaceship thing of Zach's
Holland helping Jennifer make the gravy

We were able to get Sid down for a nap while we ate. It had gotten late and he had already eaten. He wasn't happy about this, but boy needed a nap! We enjoyed visiting and stuffing our faces. It was a yucky rainy day. Thankfully we made it home before the sky really dumped on us! Thank you Pope's for hosting us all!

When we got home, Sid was playing with his usual toys. The blender, food processor, you know, all those standard baby toys :/ But then this happened and it was HYSTERICAL!

That's right. That is Sid sitting on top of the TOP of the food processor. Watching him circle around it and try to get in just the right position before taking a seat was just too funny. Cute little baby. I just love that kid!

Grammy stuck around until Sunday. We were able to get our tree put up AND watch the Tigers lose their last game of the season. Losing is something they were way too good at doing this season. We are all happy to kiss this football season goodbye!!!

Louis wants to play, too!