Thumbprint Guest Book Tree.

I am so bad!  I just went through my drafts in my blog, and found so many posts that I didn't quite finish and SHOULD have posted!  Now, they are so 'out of date' I will spare you.  BUT, I do want to share this....now remember, this is an OLD post.

Written before our wedding in July

I am sooooo excited about our guestbook!  We are not doing your traditional "sign on the line" type of book!

We are doing this!

This poster will be laying on the table for guests to come "Leaf their thumbprint"!  How cool is that!  Everyone will use the green ink pads, print their thumbs, then sign by their print!  I can not wait to have this hanging on my wall forever.  

If any of you are in the market, check out GreyDogDesigns on Etsy.  She is so great and very helpful!  Thanks for all your help!

Now, here I am in DEC posting this blog...

I wanted to show you how cool this turned out!  I absolutely love it.  We have it hanging in our hallway right outside of the guest bathroom.  When friends come over who were at our wedding, they LOVE to stop and find their signature on it :)  

Pual leaving his mark :)
This is it hanging in our house :)



Trip to Montreal for my 30th!!

Back on 11/12/11 I turned the big three-o!  Sean and I decided back in August that it would be a lot of fun to go somewhere different.  We landed on the idea of Montreal.  Boy was it COLD...but we couldn't have picked a more perfect place to go.  It is an amazing city.  We want to make a trip back during the Spring or Summer months.

We were lucky to have some special family and friends join us on our little getaway!  My brother Shawn and his wife Anastasia.  This was a big deal for them to go away!  They have a 10 month old and this was their first trip away from the buddy!  Also, Dean and Karime.  They are friends of Sean's who live in Hamilton, Canada.  And lastly...Alex and Tam.  They are a couple Sean and I met a few years ago when traveling to Turks and Caicos.  They gave us their email and told us if we ever come to Montreal to give them a shout!  We did and we had a great time seeing them again :)  It isn't always easy finding people you travel "well" with.  I think we validated we are all good travel partners on this trip!

Here are some of the photos from our trip!  

Waiting on our shuttle in long term parking at DFW

Cheers to our first night in Montreal!

Trying to understand french!

Poutine!  (french fries, cheese, and gravy)

It was SOOOO cold!

Check out that 'feels like' temp!

Warming up with cafe au lait

Old Montreal 
Nothing like Bailey's in the hotel room after closing a Real Estate deal!  YAY Hubs!

My new favorite.  A Bloody Ceasar (like a bloody mary w/ clam juice --not it doesn't taste fishy or like clams!)

Friends Dean and Karime who met us in Montreal. 

Mustard!!!  and a LOT of it!

Night cap :)

China Town

Eggs Benedict.  My favorite!

Brother Shawn and Anastasia eating a delicious treat.

Government building.  Awesome!

Out REALLY celebrating my 30!
Dean, Me, Tam, Sean, Alex, Brother Shawn

My sis-n-law + me + Karime

Little french restaurant

Love this.  Picture doesn't do it justice.

That's right.  Mojitos at 3am.
Tam, Sean, Alex, Me

Eating my 'Happy Pork Chop"

Brother Shawn ready for his duck in a can!

Our hotel!  Place d'Armes

Thanks to everyone who came.  You truly made my 30th birthday :)


Wedding Video Highlight!

Ooooooh, the day finally came!  Monday night, around 9pm while I was waiting on Sean to get home from a work event, I was laying on the couch watching TV.  My phone lit up and when I saw the message I about died!  It was from Sarah, at PenWeddings!  Our video highlight was officially posted!  I was soooooo excited.  I thought for a moment I should wait to watch it with my husband for the first time, but I couldn't stop myself.  I was already running into the computer room to watch!  (O'well, at least I had the nice thought to wait :) )  He didn't care b/c he knows how anxiously I have been waiting for it!  Anyway....I watched it and before the last few seconds were over, I was dialing my parents!  I didn't really care if my mom was asleep (selfish, I know, ha!) but I had to share it with someone!  So then I watched it again with them on the phone and we were all just dying laughing.  About 10 minutes later, Sean came home!  I think we watched it up until about midnight, to where we switched to the bed, and watched it again on our iPhones, ha!

I could not be more excited about this video.  There is no doubt in my mind it truly captures the feeling and excitement of July 3, 2011.   Now I am sitting, anxiously awaiting for the full DVD version to come to me in the mail.  My Christmas wish this year is to have those DVDs in time for Christmas, when my family will all be together again on the mountain in AR.  I. CAN'T. WAIT.

If you haven't already seen it, here's the video!  Please enjoy :)
And lastly, BIG SHOUT OUT TO PenWeddings!  THANKS SOOOOOO MUCH!  You made our wedding day come back to life in this film.

Catherine + Sean | Mildred B. Cooper Chapel Wedding Film from Sarah Pendergraft on Vimeo.