last trip up!

I am a bit behind on my blogging.

2 weekends ago was mine and Sean's last trip up to The Escarpment (the name my parent's have given their house) before the big weekend hits!  It was such a great trip, even though we didn't get to leave until late Thursday, having us arrive at midnight!  

The night before we left, we were busy filling honey jars for the favors that we needed to put together over the weekend (check!).  Here we are...my forearms were so tired from squeezing that jug of honey!

 We had to take turns back and forth!

We knew we weren't going to get in until late Thursday since we didn't leave Ft. Worth until 5pm, so we just took our time and enjoyed our time in the car together.  Sean is ALWAYS ready and willing to stop at any local dive, hole in the wall, sort of place for a good down home meal.  I enjoy the same, but normally I'm so ready to get to where I'm going, I have trouble wanting to stop to eat!  This time though, I caved.  Just outside of Kiowa, OK we stopped here...Wheeler's Fine Dining.

We had been watching the radar and knew a huge storm was about to blow through so it was perfect timing for some comfort food.  Before getting out of the car, Sean insisted we NOT bring our cell phones to dinner.  So as I begin to describe the a-mazing food we had, you will know why we have no pictures of it!  (ugh!)  

We walked in to find a cute old couple sitting at a corner table and...that was it!  Just us and the sweet couple.  They were enjoying a cup of hot coffee :)  Now, on to what WE enjoyed...Sean ordered some sort of steak sandwich, but I never really understood what it was b/c his plate was completely (completely!) covered in brown gravy!  I ordered steak fingers with mashed potatoes and white gravy!  Before we even got our entrees ordered, Sean was asking what kind of pie they had!  He made sure to reserve the last piece of homemade apple pie w/ ice cream on top!  We sat, we stuffed, we talked, we laughed.  We might just make this a tradition.  It was a nice break from the road :)

A few hours later we finally arrived to the house!  My poor parent's will never go to bed until they know we are there, so they are always up waiting for us, Mom with one eye opened, of course :)

The weekend was filled with nothing but hanging out and doing wedding crafts.  It was perfect (and COLD!).  Mom and I got the favors all finished!

I got a few signs that I needed painted done.

Sean took a break from wedding crafts to help my dad plant one of his many BBQ pit planters (don't ask!).

My parent's are doing such a great job getting the yard looking good and making sure the plants are in keeping with our color scheme!

This is the 'not quite there' dance floor that my dad is building...

And last but not least, my favorite potted arrangement!  

The weekend went quick, but we got soooo much done!  Thanks to my mom and dad, and Sean for all of your help!

(PS...No, the mail hasn't come yet today!)



Never in my life have I ever been more excited about the mail coming every single day (except Sunday of course :) ).  It's usually filled with a bunch of junk or bills.  Lately everyday, I sit and wait for the mail lady.  I know when she's in our neighborhood b/c I can hear her truck go, then stop, then go, then stop!  That's a sure sign it's time for me to go check the mailbox!

Lately it's been filled with this goodies...

RSVPs!!!!!!!  I never thought mail could be so fun (well, that's not entirely true b/c I love getting a good letter or invitation in the mail)!  Don't we all?

Once I get them inside, I take a deep breath, alert my mother that the mail has come, and open them up one by one to see who is accepting or declining.  

I realize I'm probably being a little dramatic over these tiny little green cards, but it is just so exciting!  That, and the fact that we really sent more invitations than we probably should have and we have anxiety everyday over how we are going to fit everyone in the chapel we insist on getting married at.  I know once that part is figured out, it will be smooth sailings and I won't have a worry in the world (wishful thinking anyway!)

Our wedding is fast approaching and i am SOOOOOO ready!!!!!!


i want one!

I think this is such a great idea!  I found it while playing around in the "blogosphere" today!
I think I sort of want one :)  It is a watercolor painting of your wedding dress!  I think it would be awesome to hang on a wall and always remember.  And I love how vintage they look!

(image via Ginger's Dresses)


Outfit Change.

I have been tossing the idea around about possibly changing into a more fun, flirty, party dress for my reception!  My dress is fabulous, and I really do LOVE IT!  BUT, it is going to be H.O.T. wearing it all night.  It looks like a light weight, flowy dress.  It is flowy, but it is VERY heavy!  Our reception is outdoors in July.  I love love LOVE to dance, and tend to get pretty hot (and sweaty!).  So, I am in search for the perfect, ivory colored dress to change into before the guests arrive at the reception!!!  Let me know if you see any :)  My only criteria is it can't be strapless and it needs to be ivory so it will still match my hair flower :)


RIP Mawmaw.

My last living grandmother went to be with the Lord last Thursday.  She will be missed greatly.

Her obituary from the Shreveport Times.

Ruth Joyce Traylor 


SHREVEPORT, LA - A graveside memorial service will be held for Ruth Joyce Johnston Traylor on Saturday, April 30, 2011 at 1:30 p.m. at Forest Park Cemetery, 3700 St. Vincent Drive. Ruth Joyce passed away peacefully on April 21, 2011 after a lengthy illness and complications of pneumonia. Born on June 13, 1924 in Camden, Arkansas to Edwin and Vida Johnston, Ruth Joyce was the daughter of an oilfield driller and never tired of telling the early stories of her life on the remote oil leases in the many small towns in which she had lived. She graduated from Evansville University in Evansville, Indiana and moved to Shreveport where she met and married H. T. Traylor. 

Ruth Joyce was a devoted mother and grandmother who will be remembered as a gracious lady with a giving heart. Ruth Joyce was an active member of Kings Highway Christian Church where she served in many positions from Deaconess to an officer in the Christian's Women's Fellowship. She was a willing volunteer as a Girl Scout and Cub Scout Leader. She loved her camping memories with Troop 288. Her love for theatre, literature ,arts and music were always present in her daily life. Fun skits and her love to perform were her delight. She was never without with an excellent book, a pair of knitting needles or a good crossword puzzle. 

Ruth Joyce was preceded in death by her parents, Edwin and Vida Johnston, and her husband of over 50 years, H. T. Traylor. She is survived by her son and daughter-in-law Fred and Linda Traylor, her daughter, Vida Yancy, grandchildren, Shawn Traylor and wife Anastasia, Adam Traylor, Catherine Traylor and fiance' Sean Parks, Jim Yancy , Alice Yates and husband James, Jim and Alice's father Phil Yancy and great-grandson Ian Traylor.

Ruth Joyce was a gracious and sweet lady and will be missed for her quick wit, ease of laughter and warm personality. She shared her love and enriched the lives her children, grandchildren and of all she met. She will be greatly missed.