Valentine's Day with my Loves

Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday this year. My morning started off with the cutest little guy I know running into our room where I was still laying in bed. His daddy had given him one flower to bring to his mama. He ran in faster than lightening with a huge grin on his face, then instead of handing me the flower, he showed it to me...and then he dropped it and ran off!!...Back into the kitchen where his daddy was getting his oatmeal ready. It was the cutest thing ever and I will never forget it.

Sean had to work that day, but we spent the morning together and then we cooked outside for dinner. Instead of Sean cooking us a yummy breakfast (like he typically does on a special holiday) we ended up getting breakfast from our favorite pancake spot! We decided we'd rather spend time outside with Sid rather than cooking and cleaning up the kitchen. Even though there was no home cooked breakfast on the table, there were still these goodies for me...

Don't miss Sid shoveling in the background!

He gifted me a Kindle Paperwhite! I was beyond excited! It is something I've wanted for a while (I gave one to Sean for Christmas last year), but couldn't justify buying one because I usually just read on my iPhone or iPad. The problem I have with these devices is that I end up not reading! I get stuck on social media and then I've wasted my time and I end up being too sleepy to read. Since receiving this Kindle, I have hardly put it down in my spare time. I seriously love it! He didn't pick out a case for it because he said he would have picked the wrong one, ha! I decided to get a pink case to help us remember this special day of love :) (I still can't believe I picked pink - b/c if you know me, you'd of probably bet $100 I would have gone with blue or green - but I actually really like it!).

I got Sean a custom mug. I have one, and decided he needed one too :) There is a funny story behind the image I chose. Sean went fishing when we went to Broken Bow, OK last summer. He caught a fish! I thought it was a cute picture so I posted it on Facebook - didn't even occur to me that he was holding up a rather small fish! His buddies had a good time giving him grief over the two handed fish hold - for such a small fish! So, I felt it only appropriate to keep the joke going by putting the picture on a mug :)

Sid got some fun new books and Curious George! You can tell by the look on his face that he absolutely adores him. He's been so into him lately! He was carrying George around everywhere with him, but now he's settled into his bed next to Louis (and big Pooh, and little Pooh, and bunny, and Peppa Pig, and little piggie...phew! how did I let this happen!!!).

Diapers and pants on George :)

Grammy sent him a box of fun things, including his t-shirt which reads "Best Kid Ever", and this awesome card full of stickers! Sid decided he wanted to color on it as well :) It entertained him for several days.

We got to spend the entire morning outside on the patio. Sean and I cleaned up what was a very messy patio and Sid colored with sidewalk chalk! 

After playing outside, we came in and read some books and then Sid took a nap. I scrambled to surprise Sean with our dessert for the evening. I remembered I had leftover, un-iced, birthday cake from Sid's first birthday in the freezer! I have always wanted to make a heart shaped cake! So I pulled it from the freezer, cut it into a heart, whipped up some buttercream icing, and then made myself sick over the leftover cake pieces  VOILA! The cake was so so good! And I love how it turned out!

I was able to get it finished up and into the outside fridge before Sid woke up and before Sean got home. Once Sid woke up, we made a fun craft for daddy!

Love after nap sleepy snuggles :)
 Sid got to paint for the first time ever and he loved it!

...Look how cute it turned out...completely perfect :)

Once Sid went to bed, we got to cooking! We popped the potatoes in the oven, then grilled the steaks and cooked the mushrooms in the cast iron skillet on the grill. We couldn't have asked for a better night. The weather was perfect. 

Sort of hard to see but just wanted to remember how pretty our plastic folding table looked :)

Gosh, this was all so yummy we both cleaned our plates (don't judge)!

Hmmm, not sure what happened to our green veggie!
 He was totally surprised when I walked out with this cute cake!

Happy Valentine's, babe! I love you and our little bug so so much! I am a lucky girl to be loved by you two gentleman ;)

And just for fun...here is a picture I found from our first Valentine's together...TWO THOUSAND AND SIX!!!!


Traylor Family Photos

A few weeks before Christmas, we came up with the idea to hire a photographer to take pictures of our family while all together in Arkansas. I did a quick search on Instagram and stumbled across Jessica Robinson Photography. I loved her style. Thankfully she was available to shoot our family on Christmas day! We were scheduled for the day after Christmas, but due to a forecast change (rain rain rain!) she worked with us to move it to Christmas day. Anyway, she was wonderful and we all love how the pictures turned out!

These are my people!