adventures on valentine's day!

sunday was such a great day!
pancakes and eggs for breakfast :)

we bought tickets to attend the valentine wine trail in grapevine, tx from 11-5pm!
i have done their vintage wine trail in the spring several times with girl friends, but never w/ sean.

There were 8 winery's to visit and each one had 3, 1 oz. tastings + a food sampling (some good, some terrible-but we were not there for the food, right?!). the winery's are spread out all over downtown grapevine, but all within walking distance. well sunday was FREEZING and oh so windy, but we didn't care. we refused to drive! on our walks between each winery, we would meet other people on the trail, or stop for random photos with some of the "locals".

At one point we got hungry and saw a chicago style deli! sean is from chicago, so if there is every an opportunity for an authentic chicago style dog, we are there!

(the earrings are my valentine's day gift from sean. we saw them months ago at a local gift store. everything is imported by the owners from italy. he apparently went back and got them for me :) )

after a delicious food break we continued on our way, ounce after ounce of terrible tx wine (really, not so good!). around 4:30, we came to our last winery. by this time, we were both sick of wine! haha.

earlier in the day, we had spotted another small local restaurant we had to try! so off we go! (yes, more eating!). we sat down with our signature wine glasses in hand. ordered red beans and rice and some grilled fish tacos (they were recommended to us by one of the winery's). let me just say...T E R R I B L E! the rice was completely undercooked and the fish tacos had cheese smothered all over them. i am no true food critic, but where i'm from, fish tacos SHOULD NOT have enchilada style cheese on them! in fact, i don't think they should have cheese on them at all! and i LOVE cheese! they should be fresh tasting with cabbage, cilantro, lime and a yummy sauce NOT cheese! sean and i are not complainers are not picky eaters, but this was too much. we decided we would write a note on the back side of our receipt and leave it facing up. we do and go on our merry way, vowing to never return! we get a few blocks closer to the car and realize we left our signature wine glasses from the day ON THE TABLE! too many ounces of wine will do that to you i guess. lesson of the day: if you're going to complain and then quickly run out the door, be sure to take ALL your personal belongings with you b/c you do not want to go back in! we sure didn't!!

on our way home, we spotted a bowling ally. yep, we did it! billiards and bowling and a few beers to top off our fun day!

after a few hours of recreation, and after our awful early dinner, we were hungry! or maybe i was hungry, either way :) pf chang's sounded good and it was on our way home. i called in our to go order, but by the time we hung up the phone, we were already in the parking lot. sean suggested we go in for a drink at the bar. we had one drink, but instead of grabbing our food and heading home, we ended up meeting a couple at the bar and chatting it up with them for 2 hours!! he was from columbia and she from cali. oh.my.gosh. we made it home around 10pm i think! we had a long day. from 11am to 10pm, almost 12 straight hours of pure fun :)

i love that the 'randomness' that sean and i experienced on our first date has not died in almost 4 years of dating. i love you sean, thanks for a great day and allowing me the opportunity to be random :)

what did you all do on valentine's day?

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Kelly Downey said...

Fun! Love your cute hat. Devin and I cooked for V Day and ate lots of chocolate. We had two new special valentines this year! Can't wait to see you Sunday!