shoes, i need SHOES!

sean and i have 2 weddings in austin in march, 2 weekends apart, at the EXACT SAME LOCATION! odd huh?

so i have a black strapless dress. sort of a shinier dressy, cotton. here's a pic of me wearing it. i will take the strap off for the wedding(s). it just buttons on and off so you can wear it either way.
well, since i'm posting a picture of the dress (although i don't have very good pics of it), i will share a few more from the first event i purchased it for....CAROLINA CUP!!!

this was one of my sweetest memories while living in SC. the above pic is me w/ erik show and JB, who were living in VA at the time working for KA and came down for the cup!

this pic is me and e! our tailgating spot! ok ok, enough reminiscing for the moment...I NEED SHOES FOR THIS DRESS! at the cup i wore my reefs! but i need to find some cute spring shoes! i can't find anything :( so far everything is black, brown, metallic or neutral (inluding snakeskin)! HELP ME! i need some shoes!!! i can always do the typical gold strappy's, but i want something new for spring! suggestions??

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