LSU vs. Auburn - 10.22.11

2 weekends ago, my family took our annual trip down to Baton Rouge for a big SEC game!
Sean and I woke up eaaaaaaarly Friday morning to make it alllllll the way to BR in time for dinner!
My parent's drove to Shreveport on Thursday night, so when we hit Shreveport on Friday, we met at a gas station off the interstate and caravanned the rest of the way down!  Sadly, my brother Adam wasn't able to make it this year.  He was missed and it definitely wasn't the same w/o him.  Next year, brother!

So....back to the caravan (I am SO BUMMED I didn't get a picture (or video) of this moment), but when my parent's pulled up to greet us, they had the windows down and were blaring the LSU Fight Song with Tiger Puppet on the dash (Tiger Puppet:  a stuffed LSU tiger puppet my mom found at a flea market that plays the fight song!)!  We had to get to BR in time to pick up the other brother, Shawn, at the airport by 4pm.  We couldn't pass through Lecompte, LA w/o stopping for a ham sandwich and a piece of pie!  YUMMM-Y!  The remainder of the drive was spent HeyTelling back and forth on the back roads of south Louisiana, discussing how nice it would be to live such a simple life on a sugarcane farm.

We made it BR just in time to get Shawn, RIGHT on time actually :)  That evening, we all went to Parrains for dinner.  It was myself, Sean, Shawn, my parents, my Uncle Jim and Suzanne.

The rest of the weekend, I can recap in pictures....

Sean + Me

Me + My Momma

The crew: my Dad, my Mom, Suzanne, Uncle Jim, Shawn, Sean, Me
Oh my GOSH the food was soooo good there.  My mom and I split a meal and still had leftovers.  Dinner was over around 8, and everyone was ready for bed.  Well, everyone except for myself + my 2 favorite S's (husband Sean and brother Shawn)!  You see, everyone else was staying in a pretty nice HOTEL, while the 3 of us decided to save money and stay in a not so nice MOTEL.  On our way home from the restaurant, the thought of hanging out in our motel room didn't sound so appealing.  Not when New Orleans is only 1 hour away!  Who wouldn't want to head out of town...at least for a few hours.  We could go and be back by midnight (cough. cough.)!  DONE!  We went upstairs, got ready and met back at the car within 10 mins ready to GEAUX!

On our way down, brother Shawn and I jumped on our phones and immediately started contacting anyone we knew living in the NoLA area!  We had great success finding out where to go.

The Superdome all lit up!  Loved the purple lights!
We went to Maple Leaf Bar in Uptown for some local Funk/Jazz.  We found it, and loved every minute of it!

Flow Tribe - amazingly funky!
Me w/ Brother Shawn 

My friend Becca is a local NoLA artist and I hadn't seen her in years!  We roomed together in college while in Paris.  She was out on Frenchman Street, so after lots of dancing, we decided if we were going to do this right, we had to switch locations.  Off we went....The Spotted Cat was next up, in the Quarter.  (side note: it is now approaching 2am...who said anything about being home by 12am?).

Nothin' better than live New Orlans jazz

Becca + Cat (only she was dressed as the cat.  A WhoDat Cat to be exact!

After much convincing, I finally convinced the boys it was time to GO!  It was 3 and we had to be at the tailgating spot at 9 and we still had an hour drive home!  We said our goodbyes and off we went.  Thank goodness for Shawn + Sean's love for Radiohead b/c that is what got us home!  We made it around 4am.  We were picking up my Mom and Suzanne at their hotel at 9.

OH...another side note: we decided not to mention on Friday night we were heading to New Orleans b/c we didn't want to worry them that we wouldn't be "fresh" and ready to go for the early AM tailgate party (the reason we were there!).  

So that morning, around 8:30, my brother sends this text to my parent's...

Pretty sure my Mom was freaking out at this moment!
It was so fun, and so worth our last minute trip!

Saturday was all about LSU!  Bloody's by 9:30, can't beat it!

My Dad opted out of going into the game.  He sat right here with a smile on his face!

Waiting for kickoff!  Only question is...where's Shawn?!

It was a whoopin'!  GEAUX TIGERS!

It was a great weekend, and I'm pretty sure we are still recovering!  This weekend is LSU v. Alabama...the biggest game in college football this year.  SCARED.TO.DEATH! ! ! ! ! !

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Adam said...

I still have to wonder if my ass would have been out in NOLA 'till 4AM. I'm guessing no. However, I loved this blog and thanks for the shout out. I think this may be the only time in history that Shawn was referred to as 'the other brother' haha. I'm usually the other brother.
Next year for SURE! I won't miss it. I WON'T miss it. NO matter what. It's hurting me that I haven't made it down to support the Tigers!