What We've Been Up To!

Wow, didn't realize it's been such a long time since I've updated! Things are already getting busy and baby isn't even here yet. Sheesh! I figured the best way to get up to date is through a bunch of pictures :)

Here it goes...

~ My sister-in-law, Kristi, sent me this cute little lamb WubbaNub.  Isn't it cute? This was our first official baby gift :)

~ After much deliberation, we finally settled on our nursery glider.  Isn't she a beauty? We had to special order it in the color we wanted. I am having a hard time waiting on it to arrive! I am so ready to sit in the nursery and read a book or play music to baby!

~ Sean got the nursery painted in just a few short days! Yay! I helped a little, but tried to limit my time around the fumes, even though we bought the No Voc type of paint. I baked me him homemade cookies instead. 

I helped a little :)

 ~ I have done a little shopping. I went into Gap one day for me, and came out with a sackful of stuff for baby instead. I guess it's just a sign of what's to come! But seriously, how cute are these onesies!

~ Our crib arrived and we put it together immediately! We sort of maybe might have put the springs on backwards at first, but what's important is that it's correct now ;) You can see the freshly painted minty green walls in this picture, too!

~ We have dealt with an usually cold winter that doesn't seem to want to end. I am so tired of...I'll say it again, SO TIRED OF these winter grey days! I am ready to see some sunshine! I don't even care if it stays cold a little longer, just give me some sunshine please!

~ Next up for the nursery was hanging the curtains! Good thing SP had his ridiculous awesome tool-belt pjs handy for this job ;)

It's really starting to come together and I couldn't be more pleased with how it's starting to look!!

~ I remembered I had both mine and SP's childhood teddy bears in the house, so I decided to let them hang out in baby's crib for a while :) 

Sean's is the dark brown one, mine is the lighter colored bear

~ We actually went out! Something we haven't been doing a lot of lately. I find myself really enjoying my Friday evenings these days cozied up on the couch and ordering take out. I think after a few appetizers, a sparking water, and 2 cocktails, SP decided he also enjoys staying in when our tab was $90. Believe it.  It's true, YUCK!

Me, Tiffany, & Anne

~ We went to the Bolton's for the Superbowl! We picked up some BBQ and Tiffany made a few dips. It was a fun, relaxing night...even though the game was terrrrrible! Poor P Manning.

I am obsessed with Beckett. He is just the cutest!

~ We went to IKEA to pick up a bookshelf for the nursery. I wanted something to hold some books and a few other things. I also wanted something that baby would be able to use himself when he is mobile. 

I realize this picture shows nothing, but SP made so much fun of me for documenting this I had to share. I realized soon after snapping this photo that it was a bit ridiculous, I have to admit. But...now baby will have a picture of his Daddy wheeling his bookshelf to the checkout line. I mean, every kids dream, right? SHUT UP!

~ My mom and I have been feverishly trying to pick out fabrics for the blanket she will be making for baby. It is so hard! I am not a fan of many baby/kid fabrics, as I find most look cheap. We finally nailed it down (missing from picture is print we chose for the back).

~ I can't stop. They are soooo good! I think I only have 3 left. Sad, sad day :(

~ We went for this goodness one day last week. We love a good hot breakfast. I really went for just pancakes, but when SP got an omelet with  hash browns, I quickly remembered I couldn't leave there without those also. Which then turned into eggs and bacon. Don't worry, I didn't finish it! 

~ We got to celebrate our sweet nephew Asher's 4th birthday last weekend! They drove in from Austin to celebrate. We spent the day over at Kristi's parent's house. She has a large family so it was fun watching the cousins play. We had cake, ice cream, & punch, then had to save room for brisket and mac & cheese! I had no problem with eating all of the above :)

What else...just waiting on some sunshine :) 

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Adam Traylor said...

Loved reading this. Love your blog. Can't wait to meet "baby" and come see that nursery.