Sidney Loyd - 3 Months

I suppose it's possible.

But I'm not sure how!

Sean and I have a 3 month old!

Never ever has time flown by so fast. Never. Ever.


Sidney Loyd fills my heart full.

And seeing my family of 3 together...even fuller! (is that even a word?) This has been a really fun month with Sid. I am so proud of him and his development!

He loves:

` sucking his entire hand, sometimes thumb only

` to scream during tummy time, although we are getting much better at this!

` being naked!

` falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean

` grabbing things!

` smiling at mommy and daddy

` talking! talking! talking! or shall I say coo! coo! coo!

` pulling up when you hold his fingers - he loves to sit up

` LSU tigers of course!

` watching football, mostly with daddy, but sometimes alone.

I love every single day with Sidney. We are still going strong with our 90 minutes awake and 90 minutes play. It is still working really well for him.  One thing that he has gotten great at is self soothing. I can basically just put him down in his crib and only go in once or twice before he fully falls asleep. Sometimes not at all. And usually when I do go in it's because the paci fell out and he is wanting to suck! He doesn't need to be picked up or rocked. This is awesome. Even though sometimes I wish I could just snuggle him in the rocker for his entire nap!

Thank you, Sid, for the past 3 months! You have brought us pure joy!

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