Sidney Loyd - 8 months

Believe it. Because I sure can't. Sid is 8 months old! It's crazy that more than thinking of him as a newborn these days, my mind keeps going to his 1st birthday - stop it brain!

Sid has been a ball of changes this last month. We've had so many fun times, but we've also had some trying moments as well. They say when babies are mastering a new skill they tend to be more fussy. The whole month I thought it was teething - and I'm sure his gums did hurt at certain times - but he has no teeth yet. This now makes me more inclined to think it was a leap.

He has learned to clap his hands! He does this when he's happy, if someone else claps, or if someone is singing - he likes to clap for them. It's darn cute! Sometimes I will look back in the mirror in the car to see him, and he's just hanging out clapping his little chubby hands together :)

Mama phase is no joke! There were a few weeks that I could not put him down. At all. He didn't want anyone. But me. Sweet, right? Yes - but completely exhausting!! My little man isn't exactly light weight. Though I don't know his exact weight, I can assure it is 20 pounds (probably more). Towards the end of the month though, I will say he started really reaching for his daddy. This made us all happy! Daddy needed it, and so did I (clearly for different reasons).

We think Sidney has started to wave! It's still yet to be determined, but he likes to flail his arm and let his wrist flap, and it always seems to fall at just the right time, as if he's waving hello! We are still trying to understand if this is just a fluke or if he knows what's going on!

Sid has never been much for being tossed up in the air. Probably because of his size. Lately, he's loving it! Let me be clear in saying there isn't much tossing happening - he's just too heavy! But just a slight toss up over our heads gets a good grin out of him. You have to search for it through the fingers that are constantly shoved in his mouth, but I'm telling you, it's there! He also looooooves dance party. Sometimes in the afternoons we will turn up the jams and I will dance with him in my arms. Again, you have to find the big grin through the drool and the fingers that are permanently stuck in his mouth. He usually squeals with delight and starts to kick his body up and down in my arms to dance along himself. I love it! And it's a good workout. Have you tried dancing lately with a 20 pound weight in your arms? Phew, it ain't easy!

He reaches for what he wants constantly. And even if he isn't sure what he wants, he just reaches for somewhere or something other than where he currently is. If we are in his room and I pick him up, he reaches towards the door, telling me he wants to go out of his room. If he is done playing with something, he reaches to be moved somewhere else. If he is tired, and we are in his room, he will reach for his crib. I'm telling you, this little one gets it.

One of the coolest things he has started to do is turn his own book pages. When we finish reading a page, I will barely hold the next page up, and he grabs it to turn it. Then he stops until it's time to turn the next page. He totally gets it, and that is cool! If he doesn't feel like reading, he skips all the pages and reaches straight for the back of the book to slam it shut. It cracks me up. I love that he is able to communicate in this way.

"Babababa", "Bububu", " Mumumuma" - the babbling has taken on a whole new sound! It is the best! He usually does this when he's laying on the changing table, or is getting frustrated and wants to make it known! He will just start blurting one of these sounds out! He says it with conviction, too. He really blurts it out there. What? I have a loud child? SHOCKING! (not really in the least)

In the last week or so, he has started playing is own version of hide-n-seek. He has been rolling for a while, but now he's seriously rolling all over the room! I've decided rolling is just as dangerous as crawling! He gets anywhere he wants to go. So far he's been almost under his crib, completely under the coffee table, and halfway under his nursery chair. Awesome. Don't worry, we were watching him the whole time. Looks like nap times are about to be dedicated to vacuuming :(

His schedule has sort of gone out the window. It's no secret that when I think I have him figured out, he changes on me the next week. Well, that's still going on, only now it's interrupting his night time sleep. I know. No bueno! Ultimately, I'm just doing what it takes to get him back to sleep. His typical routine is, we put him to bed around 6. Then if he doesn't nurse well, he might wake up a few hours later (not too often). But basically every morning - he wakes around 5. I go in, nurse him, then put him right back in his crib. Then he wakes up again at 7:20, pretty much on the dot. Sean gets up with him and plays until 8:30ish, when I'll then get up and nurse him again. This routine works, except I don't know why he wakes up at 5. Actually, this morning he woke up at 4:15 :( I know we put him to bed early, but even on the nights we've tried pushing it later, he still wakes up early, hungry! I guess I'm just lucky he will go right back to sleep. I'm hoping his sleep habits go back to sleeping a little later in the morning in this next month. We'll see!

Just before his 8m birthday, he got a stuffy nose :( I only notice it in the morning and at night, and it doesn't seem to bother him one bit. But I hate it for him and I'm hoping it goes away soon. He probably caught it from me. I've been sick with a mean cold for a little over a week now. I am so thankful for Sean being around to help me. Being sick with a baby is no joke. We pulled through and didn't have to take Grammy up on her offer to fly down for the weekend. Thanks for the offer, Grammy - we love you for trying to help!

Sidney is learning every day. He is still insanely curious about everything! I watched him the other day sit with his little plastic cups. I would put one inside of the other, and he would sit and try every trick in his book to get them apart. And he did it! He still loves his food! He has started to grab the spoon from me to feed himself. I love it! We are going to try some super soft mushy finger foods soon.  Feeding him is sometimes challenging for me. Getting it made - heated - and in front of him at the right time now has been hard for me. I'm trying to get better at this. I've decided making a stash and then freezing a weeks worth is really helping me.

Sean and I both enjoy our baby so much. He's so fun these days, now that his grouchy period has seemed to have ended for now. We love you, Sidney Loyd!!

Weight: somewhere in the 20lb range I would imagine
Height: he hasn't been measured since his 6m doctor's visit
Medical Issues: We are still feeding him a little prune juice each day in a bottle to help with his bowels since starting solids. His eczema is doing much better since purchasing the doTerra Healing Hands lotion.
Naps: Around 9am for an hour and a half'ish. Then another between 12 and 2 - just depending on what we're doing.
Night Sleep: We start our routine as early as 5:15 some nights. But typically we are in the bath around 5:30 and in bed by 6. He has started waking at 5 to nurse, but goes back down until 7:20 (practically on the dot!)
Clothing Size: 9m & 12m.
Diapers: BG 4.0 w/ cotton or bamboo inserts during the day / nighttime brown edge workhorse w/ size 2 cover for night. He has leaked out of his nighttime a few times this month. So I have been trying a BG 4.0 w/ 3 bamboo inserts. That seems to work better.
Diet: Mama's milk!, sweet potatoes, avocado, pear, butternut squash, green beans, carrots
Favorite Baby Gear: Still loves Little Blue Truck Leads the Way and the Pout Pout Fish. he also loves his Tickle Tickle Peter book. Anything that is not a baby toy! His Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes, and anything else that lights up and plays music. He also LOVES to drum! If he can beat it, he will. Still loves his jumparoo.
Personality: He is so silly. He likes to stick his tongue out, making eyes and then smiling when nursing. Serious. Focused. 
Milestones/Firsts: clapping, waving, turning his own book pages, making consonant sounds, grabbing the spoon to feed himself, first airplane ride to DC!
Likes: Food, rolling around on the floor, listening to music, playing with all things on his bookshelf by standing and sitting near it.
Dislikes: Being told "you're finished" when nursing (he likes to latch/relatch a lot when he's done so I call the session over and he gets mad - for a second), getting his face wiped after eating
NicknamesSidSid, little munchkin



Linda said...

Sidney Loyd has brought 8 months of pure joy to his Grammy's life. Love you, sweet boy!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

Can't believe he's already 8 months! Little cutie!!