A Week with Grammy! (& a Date & Mother's Day!)

The weekend before Mother's Day Grammy and Louis came to visit! Sid stayed up extra late so that he could see them before he went to bed! It was a really nice weekend. I got to get out alone and shop and finally get my new iPhone 6! 

I was so happy to have my mom around! Sean has been so so busy with work, and Sid has been so so busy holding my fingers and directing me all around (heh!). I've been so exhausted (I even got a fever blister from being so worn out, yuck!). 

She cooked us a yummy Saturday morning breakfast!

She brought Sid a new toy (always). He loves his Henry the Helicopter!

On Sunday, Sid and I headed back to Arkansas with Grammy and Lou. My little guy is the best road tripper! Seriously, he only fussed for a minute in the six and half'ish hours it took us to get there! He only took a 30 minute nap, too. 

We stopped for a roadside picnic!

When we got to the mountain, Grammy had another surprise for Sid...a walker! He thought it was the greatest thing ever. I'm pretty sure he was totally delirious, but even still - he loved it!

We had a fun week in Arkansas!

We went on lots of walks around the Escarpment.

Sid helped Grammy sort through her mail. Or maybe he just helped her make a mess. Unclear on this still :)

Bentonville Film Festival was going on the week we were in town. There were a lot of big stars in town, so we spent a lot of time on the square trying to spot a celebrity. No such luck, but it was enjoyable all the same.

There is a cute little park downtown and they have baby swings!

Grammy thought he needed to put his feet in the fountain. He was a big fan!

We enjoyed some time on the Press Room patio having a frozen Chai tea (with whip) :)

It rained every afternoon we were there. So we were lucky and were able to get out, but we also spent a lot of time indoors. This table came home with us because he loves it so much!

Sid was extra snuggly during our trip. I think a tooth is finally trying to come through, and he would just snuggle snuggle. Grammy and I both took all the snugglin' we could get! Mostly because we loved it, but also because we were happy to give our backs a break from walking him all around!!

Sid really liked looking through this photo album that my mom made to show off his pictures. It has pictures of Daddy, Mommy, Grammy, Louis, Uncle Shawn, Uncle Adam, and more! Daddy wasn't on the mountain yet, but Sid would point to him in this album and smile! So stinkin' sweet!

We bought Sid one of those little squeeze pouches for the first time, and he sucked that thing dry in record time! You can tell he was very focused!

Sean came on Friday! We were all glad to see him. Sid loves his daddy so much and was really excited to see his car driving up the driveway! Grammy and I were also glad because we both had sore backs! Haha! Saturday morning we got up and went to the Farmer's Market on the square before the rain came! We walked around and then ate breakfast at The Station. While there, a lady and her husband came up to us. She was very sweet and said it was the puppy and baby that just made her come say hello. Turns out, their daughter was the winner at the film festival! Very cool!

We spent the rest of the weekend doing stuff outside in between the rain. We had a lot of snake sightings over the week. EEk! So we made sure to keep our eyes open while out in the yard.

Sid LOVED riding on the tractor with Grammy! He wasn't scared at all, and even tried to help her drive it by taking the wheel a few times. I just know his Grampa was smiling down on him with this one!

Saturday night, Grammy babysat and Sean and I had a date night! WooHoo!!! It was pouring down rain, and I didn't pack any "date night" clothes, but it didn't matter. I went with Sid's avocado smeared on my pants. Yep, I did. And I didn't even care! Is that a problem?

We went to 21C at the Museum Hotel for cocktails and appetizers. We met a nice couple there, who was also out on a date with kids at home. This place is just so cool! Great drinks and food!

After drinks, we had dinner reservations at the newest restaurant in Bentonville, Oven & Tap. It had only been open 3 nights. I know, we need to cut them some slack, but. We left. We ordered drinks. That took an hour. So we drank them. And we left. In the pooooouring down rain (we were on foot!). We landed in a gem of a place called Tavola. It had a table for us and the food was legit. I had eaten there several times, but Sean hadn't. We had great conversation over dinner reminiscing over how this date was so "us". We used to always have random things happen to us and end up in random places when we would go out. As in, just not what the plan necessarily was. It felt good being able to be so spontaneous for a few hours. By the time we had our bellies stuffed the rain had ended and we enjoyed the walk back to the car. We got home around 10 and Grammy said Sid didn't make one peep :)

Sunday was Mother's Day! The day again, was filled with rain on and off. We had a very enjoyable day none the less. Spent most of it in the yard and then Sean cooked us mama's a steak dinner! 

I picked a few weeds and played with Louis :)

And just like that, another memorable trip to the mountain in the books! 

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