i need to at least smell christmas

my apartment is too small to get a tree and i don't really want to spend the money on a lot of christmas decorations. but, i want to feel christmas! i feel like putting up lights will look like i still live in a dorm room. maybe i can find a small, cute tree to put on my tiny bistro table. maybe i could find a yummy smelling candle that will remind me of christmas and make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. does anyone know of a good candle for me? i don't like candles that smell like food b/c they just make me want to eat :) i need help! i can't wait to have a house one day that i can decorate with a real tree and lovely, sparkly, ornaments. oh, and twinkling lights that set the mood of the season. maybe tonight i'll make some hot cocoa and watch a christmas movie! hmm, the boy will have to be up for that. maybe it can wait until saturday night :) we might get snow tomorrow!!!

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Kelly Downey said...

1. Buy a poinsettia. They're beautiful and scream Christmas!
2. Tyler candles are awesome and they have their new Christmas scents out. I got eggnog. It smells delicious and doesn't make me want to eat. Love it.
3. Go to Starbucks and get one of their holiday drinks. Gotta love their holiday cups too.
4. Come see me and the girls and enjoy our decorations. We should probably bake cookies and listen to Christmas carols!

That's all I have!