things to come.

i can't believe it's almost valentine's day! there is so much to look forward to before then :)

this weekend my great friend is coming in town with his wife for his 28th birthday! we haven't seen each other since christmas 2008, when sean and i made a quick pass through his home town to meet his little baby boy on our way to my parent's house. although i won't get to see thoven this time, i'm just happy to see my friend and have a fun night of reminiscing about our college years.

then the next weekend, my parent's will be driving down from AR to our hometown of shreveport, LA. that's right, it's MARDI GRAS TIME!!!! sean and i will drive over from FW. we will be staying with my brother, adam and hitting up some of our favorite local restaurants! saturday we will go to one of the shreveport parades and then sunday....SUPERBOWL!!!!! our Mighty Mighty Saints have made history people! they have made it to the SUPERBOWL!!! we have all decided to stick around one more night to watch the game all together! boy am i proud of being a louisiana native! it will be a tough game, peyton is one hell of a QB. just remember, WHO DAT!!!!

and THEN, it's valentine's day!!! i know it's sort of silly holiday, but for some reason it's always been one of my favorites :) i love the extra love all around and i also love a yummy meal and champagne! there is a vineyard here in grapevine, tx where they have almond champagne. i think i'm going to go pick up a bottle, or two :) we haven't decided what we're going to do yet this year. we typically cook at home, but i'm sort of feeling like going to our favorite little italian place downtown. what are your valentine's day plans? are you getting someone something special?!

lots to look forward to! i love a good fun weekend packed full of family and friends!

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Suzanne said...

Hey Catherine! I came across your blog and am excited that I can see what your up to nowadays!