last trip up!

I am a bit behind on my blogging.

2 weekends ago was mine and Sean's last trip up to The Escarpment (the name my parent's have given their house) before the big weekend hits!  It was such a great trip, even though we didn't get to leave until late Thursday, having us arrive at midnight!  

The night before we left, we were busy filling honey jars for the favors that we needed to put together over the weekend (check!).  Here we are...my forearms were so tired from squeezing that jug of honey!

 We had to take turns back and forth!

We knew we weren't going to get in until late Thursday since we didn't leave Ft. Worth until 5pm, so we just took our time and enjoyed our time in the car together.  Sean is ALWAYS ready and willing to stop at any local dive, hole in the wall, sort of place for a good down home meal.  I enjoy the same, but normally I'm so ready to get to where I'm going, I have trouble wanting to stop to eat!  This time though, I caved.  Just outside of Kiowa, OK we stopped here...Wheeler's Fine Dining.

We had been watching the radar and knew a huge storm was about to blow through so it was perfect timing for some comfort food.  Before getting out of the car, Sean insisted we NOT bring our cell phones to dinner.  So as I begin to describe the a-mazing food we had, you will know why we have no pictures of it!  (ugh!)  

We walked in to find a cute old couple sitting at a corner table and...that was it!  Just us and the sweet couple.  They were enjoying a cup of hot coffee :)  Now, on to what WE enjoyed...Sean ordered some sort of steak sandwich, but I never really understood what it was b/c his plate was completely (completely!) covered in brown gravy!  I ordered steak fingers with mashed potatoes and white gravy!  Before we even got our entrees ordered, Sean was asking what kind of pie they had!  He made sure to reserve the last piece of homemade apple pie w/ ice cream on top!  We sat, we stuffed, we talked, we laughed.  We might just make this a tradition.  It was a nice break from the road :)

A few hours later we finally arrived to the house!  My poor parent's will never go to bed until they know we are there, so they are always up waiting for us, Mom with one eye opened, of course :)

The weekend was filled with nothing but hanging out and doing wedding crafts.  It was perfect (and COLD!).  Mom and I got the favors all finished!

I got a few signs that I needed painted done.

Sean took a break from wedding crafts to help my dad plant one of his many BBQ pit planters (don't ask!).

My parent's are doing such a great job getting the yard looking good and making sure the plants are in keeping with our color scheme!

This is the 'not quite there' dance floor that my dad is building...

And last but not least, my favorite potted arrangement!  

The weekend went quick, but we got soooo much done!  Thanks to my mom and dad, and Sean for all of your help!

(PS...No, the mail hasn't come yet today!)


Kelly Downey said...

Cute sign!!

jennifer said...

that's a lot of honey! I like Sean's enthusiasm with the BBQ planter!