Never in my life have I ever been more excited about the mail coming every single day (except Sunday of course :) ).  It's usually filled with a bunch of junk or bills.  Lately everyday, I sit and wait for the mail lady.  I know when she's in our neighborhood b/c I can hear her truck go, then stop, then go, then stop!  That's a sure sign it's time for me to go check the mailbox!

Lately it's been filled with this goodies...

RSVPs!!!!!!!  I never thought mail could be so fun (well, that's not entirely true b/c I love getting a good letter or invitation in the mail)!  Don't we all?

Once I get them inside, I take a deep breath, alert my mother that the mail has come, and open them up one by one to see who is accepting or declining.  

I realize I'm probably being a little dramatic over these tiny little green cards, but it is just so exciting!  That, and the fact that we really sent more invitations than we probably should have and we have anxiety everyday over how we are going to fit everyone in the chapel we insist on getting married at.  I know once that part is figured out, it will be smooth sailings and I won't have a worry in the world (wishful thinking anyway!)

Our wedding is fast approaching and i am SOOOOOO ready!!!!!!

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