Bikram Yoga - Columbia, SC

My dear friend from grad school contacted me a few months ago about starting her own Bikram Yoga studio in Columbia, SC.  She asked if I could help design her logo for her new studio!  I jumped at the opportunity.  Lacy and I went back and forth no less than 10 million times over text and email to get her design exactly how she wanted it.  It was so much fun working with her!  I am so proud of her accomplishment and know she will go far doing what she loves best...sweaty, hot, Bikram Yoga!

This is her main logo

Business Card - front

Business Card - back

This was such a fun project.  She started showing me this design printed on all sorts of things from car decals, temporary tattoos, t-shirts.  Pretty cool to know my designs are being shown off all over my grad school town of Columbia :)  

Thanks Lacy for the support!
OH, and if you live in Columbia and want to try Bikram, go see Lacy!  She rocks!!!

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