A Sign from God

One evening while in Arkansas (I just spent 2 weeks there), my parents had both gone to bed.  I was left sitting downstairs in a quiet, dark, fire lit living room.  I thought I was going to watch more TV, but when I glanced to my right, nestled down in a pile Christmas magazines was a little, leather bound, One-Minute Devotional book.

I decided I'd glance inside to see what it was all about.  The bookmark was already on the devotion for that particular day.  It went something like this...

That second paragraph.  The one that starts with "If we trust in the Lord completely,"...it struck a chord in me.  Probably because of all my family is currently dealing with through my dad having Pancreatic Cancer.  It spoke to me in a powerful way.  Then, when I got to the end and noticed there was a prayer to follow...that was such a blessing to me at that moment.

After reading it, I decided I should follow suit and head off to bed :)  The next morning, I told my mom that I loved her devotional book.  She expressed to me how she loved it too and even bought one for my Uncle Jim as a gift.

Later that afternoon, my mom and I found ourselves in the Christian bookstore.  We were looking for something special to give to my dad.  Something for a little extra spiritual guidance along his journey.

I found the devotional books and started looking for the exact copy of what my mom has.  She looked with me, and after quite a while, we decided they didn't have it.  We began walking away from the aisle, when my mom went in for one more grab on the shelf...only to find the ONLY copy left of this exact book!  It was a little ruffled, with a torn page.  It was not brand new looking.  We asked if they had another in the store.  They did not.  At that moment, my mom looked at me and said, "This is your copy.  You are meant to have it.  I think I have to buy this for you.  This book was left there for you."

It's these little moments that allow us to keep on believing, hoping, and trusting in Him through this unfortunate journey we are on with my dad's illness.

Keep on believing.  And always trust in Him.  He will carry my dad to good health, I just know it.

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