Several of us couple friends decided last summer to start a supper club! We take turns having it at different houses. For the month of March, the Hooper's were hosting it! They sent an evite out and we of course responded that we'd be there! Come to find out, our good friend Shelby was going to be in town from Colorado, AND the Calhoon's from California! BONUS! We planned a supper club around a time that we could allllll get together! This usually only happens around the holidays when SP and I are usually already out of town. 

All the couples have children (except us, but that's OBVIOUSLY changing soon!) so supper club is never anything fancy and usually very laid back.  So last Saturday, I didn't pay too much attention to my attire or what I looked like. We are going to be amongst our good friends, who needs to dress up for that? NOT this girl :)

We get to Aaron and Lori's at 6:05. Evite said 6. Two things crossed my mind...

1. Did we miss the memo? Why is everyone already here but us?
2. We always beat everyone b/c we have no kids! Why are they all here already?

As we began walking up to the door...

I noticed a large sign which read....

I immediately realized Lori was up to something, which is not surprising if you know Lori! She came out to help us tie the ties around our eyes and then lead us through the doorway and into their living room, while she was continuously shushing the surprise, ha!

Moments before this, I ran into the corner of a wooden table. It hurt so bad!
The bruise on my leg is NOT pretty! 
We were completely blown away!

Lori, Shelby, and Kelly S. surprised us with a baby shower!!!! We both instantly felt an overwhelming feeling of love. We really felt special and were feeling so blessed that they did this for us! Lori and Shelby had been asking me if they could throw me a shower but I kept saying no because my cousin's were already taking care of my Dallas/Fort Worth shower! I should've known those sneaky girls wouldn't listen to me :)

It was such a fun evening! Hooper smoked a brisket, and made "Fred's Famous Wings!" (these are wings my dad made the day after our wedding. Hooper loved them and has been making them ever since! - very special of him to think of honoring my dad also on this day!). 

Kelly manning the baked beans!
Lots of decorations by Shelby!
Couldn't believe we got presents, too!

The weather was nice (a little on the chilly side), but it was a great evening all the same! These friends sure do know how to make a girl (and her husband and baby) feel special!!

Melanie, Jaime, Ian Hooper, Me, Lori
Me with the sweet hostesses: Lori, Kelly, & Shelby
The guys (minus Vince who went MIA) - Jon, Patrick, Hooper (or Aaron), Brad, SP, Patman (or Jeff)
Sean, Brad, Vince
Shelby always finds a way to throw in some Cowboys gifts, ha!
Me and Shelby
Thankful for all the gifts!
The gang!
Brad & Kelly Smith / Aaron & Lori Hooper / Jeff & Shelly Patman / Us / Jon & Jaime Rabroker / Patrick & Alicia (with baby Amelia) Calhoon
Shelby & Melanie (we missed Ryan who was away on a school field trip)
not pictured : Vince, b/c he went MIA!
Thanks again for the wonderful surprise, guys! Next time, send a girl a hint that she should be in more than just sweats!!!!! 

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