My Shreveport Shower

The weekend of April 5th, Sean and I drove to Shreveport! My sweet friends Erin, Kelly, & Jenn were throwing me a baby shower! My mom also drove in from Bentonville, and Sean's parents drove in from Keller. 

We were in no huge rush getting out of town on Friday. Our goal was to hit the road around 2:00. Sean and I got busy loading our car, going in and out of the garage. We were almost finished and I was just about to make my last bathroom break before jumping in the car, and Sean was getting something out of the fridge. All of a sudden...he started to point behind me (my back was to the open door from the garage) and had a very stunned look on his face! No words were coming out of his mouth. I finally turned around realizing he was trying to tell me something, and there, standing behind me, IN OUR HOUSE, was a HUGE dog! Just panting and happy as could be! I about freaked out! I quickly got around on the other side of the counter where Sean was. Sean was trying to get the dog back outside, but the dog didn't want to! He decided to take a quick stroll through our living room, still happy. So happy and friendly, ha! Sean finally got him outside, but he wouldn't leave! Sean gave him some water, which he really needed. He kept trying to get in the car with us, and back in the house. It was crazy! I was shaking because it was so shocking to turn around and see such a big dog standing right behind you in your own house! We finally got away, and we hope the dog found his home, and if not, another nice owner to take care of him. He had no tag :(

So, a little delayed, but no biggie. Off we went!

We only had to stop 2 times! Go me!! When we got to Shreveport, I had plans to go to Superior with my girl friends for Jenn's birthday! Sean dropped me off at Kelly's parents and he went on to Adam's, then my uncle's house. He then went on to meet his parents for dinner at Monjuni's (yum!). 

I rode to Superior with Kelly, where we met Jenn, Erin, Malain, and Jenn's sister-in-law, Grace, for dinner! Since it was Jennifer's birthday, they made her stand in her chair while they sang to her! So funny!

This picture made us all laugh SO HARD...look at Grace's head! The lady behind her had a fur vest on, but it looks like Grace is wearing a rat tail in her hair, haha!!!

Grace, Malain, Jenn
Kelly, Erin, Me

After dinner I was dropped off at my Uncle Jim & Suzanne's house, where my mom had finally arrived! Sean & I, and my mom all stayed there over the weekend. Kelly and I got there just in time to have dessert with them. It was a really fun evening and I was happy to be around my closest family and friends :)

Saturday morning we woke up and got to FaceTime with Shawn and Yasha! Then we got ready to meet Sean's parents at Herby K's for an early lunch before the shower. Adam couldn't come because he had to work Saturday. I was sooo happy to get to squeeze this meal in. I can't go to Shreveport and not eat a Shrimp Buster!!! 

The shower was at 2:00 at The Corkran's house. We had such a great turnout, and the girls hit the details out of the park! Kelly, Jenn, and Erin did such a good job making it special. Baby is so lucky to have such good aunties in his life :) The house looked beautiful! 

Admiring the special blanket my mom made for Baby SLP :)
The hostesses gave me my diaper bag!! (and lots of books!)
My pretty momma :)
Hostesses & Me - Jenn, me, Erin, Kelly
Alpha Chi Sisters! - Malain, Jenn, Erin, Me, Allison Lauren

Baby and I felt very special that so many people came to show their love. It was a lovely afternoon and I am so blessed to have these people in my life. Thank you ladies, SO MUCH! I love you!

After the shower, we headed back over to my Uncle Jim's house, where he and Suzanne were busy preparing burgers for us. Sean had been out with his dad and Adam all afternoon. When they showed up, let's just say they had each thoroughly enjoyed their time away from the girls! They had been to the boats and then to the new Shreveport brewery. Christy and Sheryl came back over, too. We had a yummy meal and then called it a night.

It's always fun being back in my home town. I had a great weekend and am so glad I was able to have a shower back home.

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Blue-Eyed Bride said...

It was such a fun weekend. I loved getting to celebrate you and that sweet baby boy!