Hospital Stay

Since I delivered before midnight on Friday, that night counted as night one. This made me happy because I was SO ready to get home! I know most people say to stay in the hospital as long as you can, but because I was in so much pain, I was really ready to get home to my comfy bed and sofa. I was also ready for Sean and my mom to take care of me instead of random nurses :)

Here are some pictures from our 2 day stay!

- Our first morning, waking up in our room!

- He was slightly swollen after making his way through the birth canal. Still adorable to me :)

- He loves putting his hands over his face!

- Grandpa and Nana holding him for the first time!

- Grammy in her happy place :) She is so good with babies! 

- Sid had low blood sugar when he was born. It corrected itself within 12 hours of his birth, but we had to supplement with a tiny bit of formula. Sean was learning how to feed him with the bottle.

- Hands in the face again! Sean calls this his "Tim Tebow", ha!

- In heaven! Skin on skin connection.

- Mastering the swaddle!!

- This melts my heart. Their bond is so strong already :)

- See what I mean? Like father like son! We were waiting to be discharged.

- For the past 7 months (at least!) I have been telling SP that all I wanted once the baby was born was a Jimmy Johns sandwich! I am not a huge sandwich person, but I LOVE JIMMY JOHNS! While we were waiting on our discharge from the hospital, Sean went to get me my wish :) It was the best sandwich I'd ever had!! 

- Finally, after Sid's circumcision, my DTap vaccine & blood draw, plus a few signatures, we were on our way home! Don't judge me - his head wouldn't stay up, ah!

- When we pulled up, we were greeted with this little setup my mom put together :) She's so awesome!

- Soooo happy to be home!!!

- Grammy was sooo happy we were home as well because she didn't come up to the hospital on Sunday since we were just busy trying to get out of there. Plus she was at home cooking and straightening for us. Such a good mama :)

The hospital was so good to us, but there is nothing better than being in your own home, with your own baby, and your own family :)

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