The First Two Weeks

(This post is a little late, b/c now I'm about to have a 4 week old! Ah!)

My goodness! I can't believe I am about to have a 3 week old on Friday! Our lives have changed so much. I haven't left my house except for 2 doctors appointments and 1 trip back to the hospital for a PKU test for Sid. And you know what? I'm totally ok with that! I enjoy my days with my new sweetie.

Week one was hard. Really hard. And not because of the baby, because of my recovery. My labor knocked me down pretty hard. I had a hard time getting up and down without assistance. And even still I'd get the motivation to stand up with someone's support, but then it'd take me at least 5 minutes to actually get up! I was so sore in places we don't even need to discuss! And my entire body alone was so fatigued from all the laboring and pushing I did. I would cry almost daily wondering if I was ever going to feel better. I felt like I couldn't properly care for Sid because it was so hard for me to get up and down. I was having to be waited on hand and foot, and all I wanted to do was bond with my baby. That was really hard because I felt so bad. I am so thankful I delivered on a Friday because it allowed my mom lots of extra days to get to spend with us. There must have been an angel watching over us because the timing was just perfect. That angel must've known how much I needed she and Sean's help. My mom came on Friday and didn't leave until Tuesday. Her leaving...let's just say we shared a few ugly cries before she left. I'm talking days before because I knew it was coming! Oy! Pregnancy hormones can be crazy, but postpartum hormones - they are no joke! Thankfully they only lasted until Wednesday. I think that was the day I had my last why the hell am I sitting here crying? moment!

For the first two weeks our schedule was to not really have a schedule. I knew he had to eat every 2.5-3 hours during the day, and every 3-4 hours at night. Right off the bat, we had a good sleeper on our hands. He would go 3 hours during the day, and 4, sometimes 5 hours at night! On our second pediatricians visit, she told me I no longer had to worry about waking him to feed at night.  WooHoo! Great job, Sid! It became pretty standard for us to do one middle of the night feeding usually around 2, and then one really early feed around 5. Then he would go to Grammy's room and sleep in his Rock and Play for a few hours before waking for the day. I loved going in the nursery to nurse, then about 30 minutes later I'd hear my mom go turn on the coffee pot then she'd come in ready to take over! Yay for Grammy's!!

My mom was here from Friday - Tuesday, then drove back on the following Friday and stayed through the following Saturday! She was supposed to leave on Thursday, but thanks to a bit of car trouble, she was forced to stay 2 more nights ;) Her birthday was on Friday, so it was nice that she got to spend it with us! The best part about her birthday? The cake Sean planned on making for her - that she ended up having to prep a lot for because he got busy with work. This sounds like no big deal, but this was not just any birthday cake! Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe cake. Take a look!

Back to Sid, I want to add that we haven't started the cloth diapers yet. At first they were too big for him, but then I just was sort of overwhelmed with everything so decided to push it off another week until we are into more of a groove.

Now we have come to the photo bomb portion of this post. I can't help it! I have a cute, squishy new baby that requires a new photo taken every move he makes. Ok, maybe not...but pretty close! Please enjoy ;)
Grammy gave you your first bath in the sink :) I wanted to watch and learn!
Early morning nursing
I think he just rolled over!

She became a pro at swaddling after a few days!
The day my mom was supposed to leave, I found this sweet note on my nursing table :) 
Burping him cracks me up! Look at his raised eyebrows!
Grammy with her babies :)
Lots of tummy time with daddy!
Fist stroll around the block
I think he hated it, NOT! 
Nice and clean after a nice bath :)  I was brave and gave him his second bath, ha!
Sweet baby feet
Shemele took newborn pictures! 
Grammy says you are talking to the angels. So sweet :)
This happens often. Both asleep!
I'm in love 
First visit to the pediatrician - Sid was so good! - Except for when he pee'd on his daddy!
I think someone forgot how to hold a newborn, ha!
More tummy time!
More sleeping!

Things to note:

- He rolled over at 9 days old and then again at 14 days old! He just randomly does it. Crazy!
- He loves to pee when his diaper is off. So far the record of pee'ing on himself is 3 times in one day. This may or may not be my fault : /
- Sid is a good baby!  

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Adam Traylor said...

Just now seeing this. I love him so much already and I haven't even met him yet. I can't wait to however!