Weekends - Updated.

Weekends around here don't exactly look like they used to. Before last September (the month I found out we were expecting) I couldn't wait for Sean to finish up with work each Friday so we could get ready to go out for dinner and drinks! Saturdays were spent with usually a trip or two to Home Depot and grabbing lunch out together, then Sundays were veg day and if the season were right, football all day (which usually involved watching the Bears play at the smokiest bar in town - YUCK!).

What are weekends like around here now you ask? They involve Sid and I getting really excited on Friday afternoons when daddy walks into the nursery to play with us after working!

(excuse his saggy diaper - he practically scooted it completely off!)

They involve getting stuff done around the house on Saturdays in between naps and playing with our little man. They involve planning game day menus for all the football we watch! They involve togetherness. They involve love. They involve happiness!

He likes to lounge.

I have grown to love my weekends, more so now than ever! I love having our days revolve around making our house look cleaner and smell better because of the yummy food we're cooking!

Sid likes to help daddy work!

We hang out in the baby carrier while daddy works on cleaning out the garage. 

Sid loves playing in our bed on the weekends when we are being lazy and not wanting to get up! Where's Sidney?

Weekends really are the best! I love my boys so much and feel so lucky I have them to spend my days with. Between a funny husband and a very silly baby, our house is filled with a lot of laughter these days!

This weekend will be something special! Grammy (Louis, too!) will be coming. Uncle Adam and Aunt Christy will be coming! And Grandpa and Nana will be coming over, too! Sean will be grilling ribs and we will watch our Tigers play the FL Gators. Naturally, we are all scared. to. death. Then, on Sunday, Grammy is snatching Sid and I up and driving us back to Arkansas with her for the week, Yay! Lots to look forward to. 

So, our weekends look different. A lot different. But I'm pretty sure it goes without saying - I wouldn't have it any other way :)

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