LSU vs Florida

Back when LSU played beat Florida - we had family in town! Sean and I invited Grammy, Uncle Adam, & Aunt Christy over for the weekend to eat good food and watch the game! Everyone arrived around lunch time on Saturday! I made a big pot of creamy chicken chili that morning so that it would be ready for when they all showed up. Jack and Sheryl came over later to watch the game!

Sean had to work most of the day Saturday and Sunday, but he made time before the game on Saturday to cook ribs! Oh my - he's definitely perfected them. They just fall right off the bone. So good! My mom made a creme fraiche potato casserole, and I quickly sauteed some green beans. I also made this festive cake for dessert!

Sid got lots of extra loving that weekend! He sat on Uncle Adam's lap for a long time watching football!

He was much happier than his face allows, promise! 
Tiger Grammy and Tiger Baby!

We were so glad Aunt Christy was feeling well and was able to make the trip! She hadn't met Sid yet. He liked all her tickles! She and I spent most of the afternoon talking about oils! She is very well versed in them and I'm a newbie! 

Blue diaper on game day against Florida - I clearly wasn't thinking!
Blurry, but the best we got!
Louis' game face! 
Aunt Christy & Uncle Adam

The game ended late, but thankfully with a victory for LSU! GEAUX! Sunday morning Adam and Christy had to head back to Shreveport early, so we said our goodbyes Saturday night. We were so happy they were able to come! Thanks for making the drive, guys.

Grammy on the other hand didn't leave! Well, at least not alone! You guessed it...she took Sid and I back home along with her! We didn't head back until Tuesday though. 

Sunday Sean had to show more houses and Grammy and I ventured to the fabric store with Sid. We were looking for a fabric for her to make Yasha's future little brother a blanket with. No such luck. The rest of the day was spent just hanging out at home. We watched a little football, and played with Mr. Sid. Leftovers for dinner! Can't beat it :)

Grammy and I picked this cute outfit out for Sid. We put him in it, and we all (Sean included) started laughing so hard! It was a little big on him and he just looked ridiculous! I love these sweet outfits, but for some reason my son looks funny in them! He just isn't a sweet, dainty little guy. He's a macho baby - and macho babies look funny in sweet baby bubbles! Outfit fail :/

His face says it all!

Monday we lounged and got busy getting Sid and I all packed up! It takes a village and a big car these days!

Look - a pic of Sid and I that's not a selfie :)

We did manage to go eat at Uncle Julio's, which has always been a family favorite. If Grammy wants it, Grammy gets it! Sid did great - he only fussed once we started to eat. Perfect timing, ha!

We love when family comes to visit. There's nothing quite like having a house full of loved ones under one roof. Watching our tigers, eating bad good food, and spending quality time catching up! We can't wait to host everyone again over Thanksgiving!

Now, off to the mountain we go...

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