Sidney Loyd - 6 Months

Here we are again. Another month older. Is it possible that I love him more with each passing day, because I sure do!

This month he's been so much fun. He is a very easy going baby.

` He has started rolling over onto his belly to sleep. This is great, only it made us nervous for a minute. It still sort of does sometimes because he will literally face plant himself into the mattress! The first time I noticed him doing it I had just gotten off the phone with Grammy after talking about a news segment she saw about SIDS. I got off the phone, checked the monitor, and found Sidney face planted, sound asleep, in his crib! I ran in there and turned his head so fast. He just moved a minute and resettled, never waking up. Phew!

` Sid has started sitting up unassisted. As long as someone is close by for when he decides to lunge himself forward or sideways to reach for something. Then he needs a spotter :)

His newest thing is sitting next to his bookshelf and trying to get all the books off the shelf. Great!

` He has become way more smiley! It is still hard to get giggles, but the smiles are coming way easier and you don't have to work quite as hard for them. Especially if you make the bee sound, like "bzzzzzzzz"! Works every time!

Sleepy head!

` He loves going to restaurants and getting to stand on the table. He much prefers for his daddy to hold him when we go out because mommy is a bit more like ahhh, don't touch that than daddy. (guilty!)

 ` I don't have a picture of this, but something he does that makes me laugh so hard is not bending his right leg! When I'm changing his diaper, or doing baby yoga exercises with him, he will bend his left leg up into his chest, but when I go to push his right leg up, he locks his knee. Without fail. Every. Single. Time! It makes me laugh soooo hard because it goes like this - Left leg up - Right leg NOPE - Left leg up - Right leg NOPE! Thankfully, I think this game is nearing the end. But gosh it was hilarious while it lasted!

` Sid loves his books! Particularly the cardboard variety that he can pound on while I read to him. We keep a few by our chair in his nursery so they are there to quickly grab. He likes to help turn the pages, even if it is backwards. And sometimes, he decides it's time to close the book before we are done. But that's ok! We just open it back up and continue reading, and then BAM, he closes it again :)

` We discovered Sid has a striking resemblance to my grandfather, Papa. I die laughing at the site of this!

` He LOVES prune juice! We have had to start giving it to him every once in a while to help, ummm, keep things flowing if you know what I mean. He will gobble a bottle down in no time. And - without going into too much detail, let's just say too much isn't really a good thing. When it happens in the middle of the night. "What is that?", said Daddy when he went to turn the white noise back on because the storm made our electricity flicker. Sid wasn't phased in the least! Pretty sure he would've kept right on sleeping until morning (ick!).

It took him a minute the first time, considering he didn't even
know what a bottle was!

` When Sid is done bouncing in his jumparoo, he will hold his arms out to be picked up. So cute!

` He loves going outside! We usually try to get one nice stroll in each day. Thankfully the weather has been cooperating. Not sure what we will do when winter fully hits :(

` He likes to play with his Nana and Grandpa on most Sundays!

` I have no idea how daddy gets any work done around here! Sid adores sitting in his lap while he works.  And if I had to guess, I think the feeling would be mutual :)

` SOLIDS!! He started solids one week before his 6m mark. We started a tad early because Grammy was here! And - he has been super interested in us eating. He wasn't quite sure what hit him with the sweet potatoes. 

He sort of started warming up to the idea once daddy showed him that he would eat it, too!

` Sid loves to lounge with Sean. 

Sidney is such an awesome little dude! We love him to pieces and pieces.

Weight: 17lbs 12oz (54th%)
Height: 27.5" (83rd%)
Medical Issues: Nothing a little prune juice can't fix ;) & a mild case of eczema
Naps: Typically he goes down in the morning about an hour after waking up. Then he gets either one really long nap and a short one, or a few short ones. It changes all the time.
Night Sleep: We still try to do bath at 6 and bed by 6:30, but sometimes he is in the bath by 5:30 depending on how tired he is. He wakes between 6:30 and 7a. There were a few weeks this month that he woke at 5:30 ready to start his day. Yikes!
Clothing Size: 9m and maybe a few 12m.
Diapers: BG 4.0 w/ cotton or bamboo inserts during the day / then we moved him up a size in his nighttimes to brown edge workhorse w/ size 2 cover for night.
Diet: Mama's milk! and some sweet potatoes 
Favorite Baby Gear: Jumparoo, and he still likes his play mats
Personality: He is totally content, most all the time. He is just chill and happy. He might not smile all the time, but he is just taking it all in. The smiles are definitely coming more often these days. 
Milestones/Firsts: He had his first real food! We started one week before his 6m birthday. Sweet potatoes pureed and mixed with breastmilk. He is sitting up on his own, as of about 2 days after his 6m birthday. 
Likes: Going for walks in the stroller, naked floor time before bath, playing with his books, grabbing anything he can get his little hands on, grabbing doorknobs (I will be cursing daddy for this one day!), sleeping on his tummy.
Dislikes: Sweet potatoes (we will work on this!). I am pretty sure that nothing phases this kid! I haven't found much that seems to bother him. Not even the wettest of diapers!
NicknamesPumpkin and Pumpkin Pie. 


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