Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Two weekends ago we woke up wanting to do something outside! That Saturday was such a beautiful day! I knew a stroller ride around our neighborhood wasn't going to cut it. Sean didn't have to work and we had a full day to do what we wanted! We've been wanting to take Sid to a park - and what better day than his six month birthday! I decided we should pack a pick-nick lunch and head down to Fort Worth Botanic Garden. Sid woke up from his nap around 1:30 and we loaded up and headed south on 35. We stopped at Jimmy John's on our way down to grab some sandwiches.

We strolled around for a while, then found a nice sunny spot to have our lunch. Sid enjoyed looking up into the sky and playing with some toys while Sean and I ate lunch.

Sid kept trying to eat Sean's sandwich wrapper. It crinkled, which to him meant...TOY! 

It was so sunny! Sean kept trying to block the sun out of Sid's eyes.

We had such a great time being outside on such a gorgeous day. Look at that sky behind us! There is no filter on this photo!

After lunch, we strolled around some more. We found a really pretty area and decided to test out our mini trip-pod and my new camera! I am so glad we did because I feel like we got an awesome family picture! Yea yea, I know - it's nothing special - we aren't in coordinating outfits - but regardless, I love it so much. It makes me happy :) It was a special day the three of us had together and this picture reminds me of how nice it is to get out with your family and just enjoy being together. It doesn't have to be anywhere fancy. I look forward to more days like this one :) I love these boys so much. They make life oh so fun!

A few others that didn't quite make the cut:

Sid was happy, but his eyes weren't cooperating! (& neither was the sun on Sean's face for that matter.)
Such a cute test shot :)
I can't wait to do it again, boys!

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