Sidney Loyd - 7 months

This past month has been so much fun! Sidney is growing up into such a fun, happy little guy. I feel like we have conversations all the time through our motions or expressions on our faces. It's the best! He is truly a ray of sunshine lately!

Sid is getting into everything. Like eeeeeeveryyyyyything. If it's not in his reach he will stare it down until it somehow gets into his tiny little destructive hands! It just makes us laugh. 

The moment he pops up from nursing he is instantly focused, looking all around, tongue poking out, and surveying the room to see what he might want to touch. I love to watch him in action. It amazes me the things he is interested in. Just the other day I bent over to get him out of his crib and he noticed the tiny zipper on my hoodie. I stayed bent over the crib for several minutes watching his little wheels turning.

He has mastered sitting up in his own. The only time he topples now is if he's reaching for something too far. Sid loves his new perspective. He is rarely content on his back anymore. Unless we are above him doing something entertaining, like singing a song or shaking his legs which shakes his entire body - which he finds quite funny.

Sid rolls back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and...you get the point! One of our favorite past times is going into the nursery & turning on fun music (usually Van Morrison Pandora station, or something like that), laying out a big blanket, stripping him down to his diaper and letting him roll all over! 

We let him just enjoy himself and kick his evening fussies away before bath with daddy! It's the best! And we all equally enjoy it. It's so much fun watching him throw his little arms and legs into the air as if he were making snow angels from all of his excitement!

I have to say our once Mr. Serious has definitely changed into Mr. Silly! His personality is starting to shine. He knows how to make us laugh, and I think he knows he's doing it!

He is eating really well! We have finally gotten him to not make a horrible face when I feed him avocado! This makes me super happy because it's just so good for him! We gave him some steamed spinach and I just knew he was going to hate it (because I sure did!) - the kid gobbled it up like it was his job!

Sidney finally outgrew his infant carseat. I'm pretty sure we could've switched him a while ago, but we held off as long as possible. When we knew we were going to be traveling to Arkansas for Christmas, we thought he'd be way more comfortable to make the long road trip in a bigger seat. We were right. It is definitely roomier for our long legged guy!

We've been starting a little bit of sign language with Sid. Simple signs such as: mommy, daddy, eat, all done, yes, no, sleepy, and bath. We try to be as consistent as possible. I really want to help Sid avoid as much frustration as possible the older he gets. I already see him wanting to tell me what he wants and getting frustrated, which just makes me sad. I can't imagine wanting something and not being able to say what it is. Or course, mostly right now, what he wants is anything he shouldn't have, or that he sees and wants to get his hands on. But we are just hoping we can be consistent with a few signs to help him tell us what he needs. 

These seven months have been the best. His personality is coming out more each day, and it's just such a beautiful thing to watch. I could sit and watch him all day without saying a word. The last week leading up to his 7 month birthday was a little rough. I think he is starting to teethe. Although there are no pearly whites popping out yet, I can tell they are coming. For a moment I was wondering where my happy boy went. He was extremely fussy, only wanting me, and not even wanting me to put him down. Drooling constantly, and chewing on absolutely everything. I could tell he wanted to play, but when I would put a toy in front of him he would scream if I tried to set him down to play. Thankfully, after a few days he was back to his normal self. It's a wonder I got a smiley picture for his 7m photo shoot ;) So we are just taking it day by day. Comforting him that extra mile when necessary. Even if it means nursing him when he wakes up screaming at midnight (he did that once during this fussy period). I love that boy and would seriously do anything for him. Here's to less fussy days ahead (and here's to wishful thinking :) )!!!

Weight: somewhere in the 18lb range I would imagine
Height: he hasn't been measured since his 6m doctor's visit
Medical Issues: We are still feeding him a little prune juice each day in a bottle to help with his bowels since starting solids. His eczema is doing much better since purchasing the doTerra Healing Hands lotion.
Naps: Typically he goes down in the morning about an hour after waking up. He takes a good long nap (2ish hours). And then another longer afternoon nap. No exact times. He has quit doing so many of the shorter naps.
Night Sleep: We start our routine as early as 5:15 some nights. But typically we are in the bath around 5:30 and in bed by 6. He wakes almost on the dot every morning at 6am.
Clothing Size: 9m and maybe a few 12m.
Diapers: BG 4.0 w/ cotton or bamboo inserts during the day / nighttime brown edge workhorse w/ size 2 cover for night.
Diet: Mama's milk!, sweet potatoes, avocado, pear
Favorite Baby Gear: He has a few favorite books - The Pout Pout Fish, and Little Blue Truck Leads the Way, he loves his plastic cups, his ducky teether that we keep by the changing table, his piano play mat that he likes to sit up at and bang away!
Personality: Funny! He likes to make silly sounds. Cautious. He checks all things out before diving in. And once he dives, he DIVES!
Milestones/Firsts: We introduced him to a sippy cup, but he's not really a fan. Mostly because we put water in it and he's NOT a fan of that. He's totally sitting up w/o any assistance.
Likes: Mommy singing :) He loves If You're Happy and You Know It!, board books, chewing on anything, food! In face he gets made when it's all gone!, dancing with mommy!, laying on our big bed and watching the shadows on the walls. He could lay on our bed for a good hour and be totally entertained with no toys!
Dislikes: Hmmmmm...I honestly can't think of anything! Well - He doesn't like getting his diaper changed when he's got poop! He gets mad when I lay him on the table, but then when I pull the diaper off, he's happy again. 
NicknamesSweet baby, he's still my pumpkin :)


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