Photo with Santa

Sean's office had a little family friendly holiday party! We went last year and got our picture taken with Santa. Everyone insisted since it would be Sid's first Santa picture :) We went back this year and Sid did awesome! In fact he was pretty happy sitting on Santa's lap. I think he could've stayed there for every picture for the remainder of the evening. He was fascinated with his beard. I'm kicking myself for not remembering to snap a picture of him touching his beard in pure amazement. It was so cute!  Regardless, I'm happy with how our picture turned out.

Notice Sid's hand. On Santa's beard!

Since I was a bad mama and never got a family picture in front of our Christmas tree, I am deeming this our official 2014 Christmas Family Picture! My mom tried to tell me 100 times to get a picture in front of the tree, but did I listen? Yes. But did I do it? No :( I am happy with this picture though :) Sid looked so dang cute in his outfit Grammy bought for him. Too bad it already doesn't fit :( He is one tall baby!!

The party was fun, although we didn't stay long. We got there right when it started at 5 so that we could get home in time for Sid's bedtime routine. They had elves and hot chocolate, and dozens and dozens of sugar cookies for the little ones! It was the first time most of Sean's coworkers had a chance to meet Sid, so it was fun showing him off, and he was a trooper!

Thanks, Ebby Halliday Southlake for such a fun night!

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