Winter Weather and Grammy Visits!

Several weeks ago Grammy and Louis came down for a visit! The weather was not nice. In fact, she had to travel here a day early to beat the snow we were predicted to get (and did get!) on Friday.

We had to spend our entire weekend indoors. It was cold, wet, and snowy outside! Who wants to get out in that? Yuck! Grammy was really good at keeping Sid entertained, thank goodness. This mama was running on empty and Sid was needing some new form of entertainment!

Playing Peek-a-Boo

This visit was the first time Sidney really took an interest in Louis. He would squeal to get Louis to turn and look at him! They were both guilty of trying to give the other their toys in hopes the other would know what to do with it. Louis really wanted Sid to throw his toys for him, but Sid was much happier trying to put them in his own mouth instead (ick!). The bond was super cute, and I can't wait to see it grow.

They were pals!
"Hey, that's me on Grammy's computer screen!"
Snow day selfie 

Grammy and Sid did a looooot of strolling...through the house. All 2000 square feet of it. Yea. Fun! Sid definitely thought so, and really, that's all that mattered! Louis would just trial behind and follow them all through the house. Sid would get so relaxed, and then usually go down for a nap. Genius!

We decided we needed to get Sid out in the snow for a quick photo op. He wasn't thrilled, but it was cold and late in the day. I think he did just fine all things considered. Well, until Sean decided he needed to physically touch the snow. About two seconds later, he started wailing. Poor guy had snow all over his tiny little fingers and it was cooooold!

...and then the wailing started!

That's about the extent of what we did over the weekend. Other than eat well of course. 

Sid and I planned on heading back to Arkansas with Grammy on Sunday. Due to weather, we delayed our trip for an extra day. You know the drill by now, we usually always have a plan to head back to the mountain with her :) So glad we did! 

Next up...our visit to Grammy's house!

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