Up on the Snowy Mountain

After spending the weekend in Fort Worth with Grammy and Louis, Sid and I loaded up and headed to NWA for a week of fun on the mountain. Or shall I say snow on the mountain. Sid once again was a trooper in the car. He definitely got a little fussy at times, but we would just stop and give him a quick break from his carseat. What should've only taken us 6ish hours took us closer to 8. 

We knew Northwest Arkansas had been hit pretty hard with snow in the days my mom was away. We really had no idea if we were even going to be able to get up the driveway once we got there. Her sweet neighbor called us saying they were able to drive up and down it. This was a relief, but we still weren't convinced because it's scary - and neither my mom nor I are very brave when it comes to snowy icy steep driveways!!! 

THANKFULLY! The driveway really was mostly clear and were able to drive right on up and get unloaded and settled in...before the next storm hit.

We spent a lot of time indoors on this trip. It was just down right cold most days. And very snowy! Even though the weather wasn't great, we really lucked out being there that week because due to the snow, my mom wasn't able to go to work on Wednesday or Thursday! So - we got her home with us more than we would have if the weather had been perfectly sunny!!

Rolling around on Grammy's floor
Fun with Mardi Gras beads in Grammy's laundry basket!

The next storm definitely iced us in.

Solid layer of ice...

Then came the snow on top...(bad combo!)

Eventually the sun came out and we were able to stroll around outside as long as we stayed all bundled up! Todd, the neighbor, came home on his lunch break and plowed the driveway on his Ranger! So when the sun came out, it just melted what was left right away. Man - if you only knew how AWESOOOOOME this is - to have a neighbor who can quickly plow her driveway! It's basically priceless. We fixed their family chicken-n-dumplings for dinner that night! We are so happy these friends decided to build next door :)

Silly boy playing in the bean bag chair

We ventured out to the grocery store one day and Sid had his first buggy ride! It's safe to say he loved it! Except he would get fussy if we stopped moving. It made shopping fairly interesting :) After he suffered through the grocery store, Grammy took him across the street to Target where he got to pick out some toys :)

Playing in his highchair while Grammy and I ate lunch.

When I say Sid and Louis became pals this trip, I truly mean it. The cuteness is just too much!

Louis wishing Sid could open the door to let him outside
"Hey Louis! Look at what I can do with this water bottle!"
Sorry Lou, he still can't open that door for you!

On Saturday daddy showed up! We were out shopping and when we walked outside, Sean was standing right there to greet us! Sidney was sort of confused at first - but immediately was all grins once he realized what was going on! 

Playing with the music table
He didn't quite understand why this jumper didn't do what his jumparoo at home does.
He warmed up to it though :)

One night, Sean grilled us these drool worthy steaks with blue cheese butter. Oh my word. We don't eat a lot of red meat around here, but the fact that I can look at this plate and salivate is the reason why I don't think I could ever be a vegetarian...

We had nice weather for several days once Sean came, so he spent most of his time checking things off of my mom's "Sonny Do" list. We just really enjoyed our weekend together, and even got to hit up a flea market, which we all love to do, but hadn't done in quite some time. We didn't find anything, but we just all enjoy looking. 

It's always hard saying "see ya later" to Grammy when we leave her. We really can't wait to get back there in the spring or early summer when the weather is nice and Sid can really have some fun outside! 

Thanks for having us, Grammy! See you back in TX for Easter :) 

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