Easter 2015

I think it's safe to say that Sidney's first Easter was very special. Grammy, Louis, and Uncle Adam all came in town.   It was busy as usual, but I still feel like we got a lot of good visiting in. I was really excited to make Sid's first Easter basket! I started pretty early, as I had big plans! On our last trip to Arkansas, Sidney became fond of this little bunny that my grandmother made for Shawn when he was a baby.

I didn't think anything of it at the time, but the closer we got to Easter, the more my wheels began to turn, thinking about what would be special to fill Sid's Easter basket with. Obviously candy wasn't the answer! I thought about it for a minute or two, then I decided I would make him his own special bunny! It looks nothing like the one above, but I still really love how it turned out!

Sid hasn't paid too much attention to it yet, but I'm hoping one day it will be his favorite lovie :)

The weekend started Friday afternoon when our company arrived. When Uncle Adam got here, he walked up to Sid whom I was holding and reached out wanting to hold him. Sid went right to him. He just stared at him and I honestly wasn't sure if he was about to scream wanting me back, or was happy and just trying to figure things out. Next thing we all knew, Sid just laid his little head on Adam's shoulder and looked at me and Grammy. It was like Adam totally calmed him, and Sid was so comfortable. And then, Sid stayed just like that, totally relaxed on his Uncle Adam's shoulder. It was just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen! I told Adam I wasn't going to let him go home since he clearly had a very strong calming effect on my child!

I took advantage of having extra hands around and while they played with Sid, I dyed Easter eggs and made a quinoa salad to snack on over the weekend!

I used purple cabbage, yellow onion, red onion, and tumeric to dye Sid's first Easter eggs. At first I wasn't sure how they would turn out, but I really think they ended up so beautiful!

Way better than the artificial colors! Although I know that day will come when we, too, will have bright neon green eggs!

Grammy couldn't wait to give Sid his Easter basket. It was loaded up with all sorts of fun stuff!!

Like a big green bouncy ball!
Sid quickly got the concept of pulling the paper away to see what was in his basket. He loved the crinkle paper, but he knew there was more to discover! :)

He got bubbles, and a book, and a crawling tiger (that Grammy is convinced will get him to crawl soon), and a stuffed chick, and a squeaky bunny...all sorts of fun stuff!

Saturday we got things prepped for Easter meal on Sunday, and just hung out at the house. It was an absolutely beautiful day and when Sean got finished working that morning, we spent a lot of the afternoon on our back patio. Sid decided he didn't want to nap that morning. I wanted to blow a gasket knowing he needed a nap (clearly not in his plan!), but Grammy took him outside instead and he was happy as a clam! 

Daddy showing Sid his bubbles for the first time.

For dinner that evening, we went to Jack and Sheryl's for a Passover feast!

Matzah Ball Soup is my favorite! 
Sid was just lounging on the sofa with Grandpa (except he got cut out of the photo, whoops!)

It was a delicious meal! We skipped dessert because we were so full, and because Sidney was getting super fussy and ready for bed. We didn't completely not eat it though, we just saved it for Sunday instead :)

Easter morning, we all got ready for church at 9:15. It was Sid's first church service. The church is literally 5 minutes from our house, so that made it easy to get to and get back home in time to finish up our meal since Jack and Sheryl were coming over to eat.

Grammy bought Sid these adorable bunny ears! I seriously could have left them on him all day! 

Before lunch and after our FaceTime with the DC crew, I gave Sidney his Easter basket :)

2 books, 2 egg shakers that I made, his bunny, and a chick that lights up!
How cute is he!

When we got home from church, Sid was so sleepy! I had to change clothes immediately so I could nurse him (dress wasn't nursing friendly) and Sean had to finish up the ham (which burned in the oven while we were gone, oops). That said, this is the best family Easter picture we got. At least Sid still looked cute! Lesson learned: Take your pictures BEFORE church!

His first pop-up book

I made colored rice to make the table look like spring. It was so easy and I will save it for years to come!

Our meal was SPOT. ON. Looking at this picture is sort of like torture! We made a Peach-Riesling glazed ham, garlic cheese grits, roasted asparagus with hollandaise, and Orange-Vanilla fruit salad. (last two recipes from Pioneer Woman). For dessert, I made a carrot cake from Smitten Kitchen. I think I forgot to take a picture of it though :( Jack and Sheryl also brought over the dessert that we skipped from Saturday night, which was Tiramisu from Central Market, yum!!

I have no complaints about the entire weekend, except that everyone had to leave and go back home. We love having a house full of family. I'm so thankful for the family we have that was able to be with us to celebrate this special holiday. HE IS RISEN.

And just in case you need a little more cuteness...

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Linda said...

It was one of the most special Easters that I have had in many years. I was so excited to be able to share it with you all. Sid was adorable, church was really moving and special, and the meal was superb and reminded me of the good old days back in Shreveport. I loved that Adam was also there. You and Sean are wonderful hosts!