Sidney Loyd - 10 months

Our sweet Sidney Loyd is officially 10 months old! I'm not sure how it's even possible that we have a son that old, but it's true. And we are adoring every single minute of his little life so far!

Sid is so much fun! This last month has truly been one of our best! He is growing up right before our eyes and I am really starting to feel the transition of him changing from my little baby to my little boy. Yes, a lump just formed in my throat as I typed those words - but really it's not sad - it's a blessing. And I am so thankful for my growing boy!

This month has been one of many firsts! First time to pull up, first time to eat finger foods, first real tantrum! All have been enjoyable to watch, minus that last one.

Sid's tantrums come from us taking something away from him, getting his diaper changed when he'd rather be playing, or if his food is all gone. We try to stay calm and just talk him through what is going on so he will understand, but it's definitely hard sometimes! He understands a lot of what we say to him these days, which is pretty cool. We are still doing some sign language with him to also help with these tantrums. He isn't signing back yet, but I'm hoping he will in the next few months.

We've had a blast introducing Sidney to finger food. He loves feeding himself! And I'm going to knock on wood while saying this, but he is really good at chewing and swallowing - so no choking, which has been my biggest fear! Sean and I both love watching him shovel his food into his mouth.

Pre-finger food - he was trying to feed himself with mushed up food

We started with broccoli and pears. He loves them both! He just shoves it in, chomps and sucks, then reaches for the next one while the majority of the last piece is dangling out of his mouth, and then down into his bib. We still laugh and he's been doing it for several weeks now. The kid is just constant entertainment to say the least!

We now give him lentils, cauliflower, blueberries, and banana. I think he could eat his weight in both blueberries and bananas! He seriously loves them! The only downside is the mess. The blueberries - oh my gosh - I think I might need to buy stock in stain remover!

Sid has started pulling up on certain things. His Zany Zoo is the definite winner in terms of him doing it with no help. He tries on his bookshelf in his room but has a little trouble fully pulling up. I'm sure once he starts crawling, there will be many more things that will fall into the what he can pull up on category.

Still no crawling going on. He is so close, but when he gets up on all fours he just decides he'd rather flop over and roll. I am totally fine with him not being on the full move yet. I think it makes my life easier! This little guy is just taking his time being a baby, which is totally fine by this mama! Oh, and while we're at it I should probably go ahead and let you know - still no teeth. Stiiiiiiiill waiting. As a nursing mother, I see it as a total blessing!

Sid absolutely loves being outside. The second we walk towards any door he starts flailing his arms and legs and making the cutest little sounds! I really can't get the door open fast enough. His favorite thing to do is watch the birdies and touch the bark of the tree. Each time we go out back, we watch the birdies eat out of the feeder that Sid and his daddy fill up each morning, and then we walk over into the yard to touch the bark. He is always a bit hesitant to touch it at first.

When Sid was 4 months old, we took a baby and me yoga class. Thankfully, several of us mamas from the class have started a play group! We have been getting together once a week at a park to just hang out. The babies love being together, and it gives us mamas a chance to talk. Not everyone is always able to make it, but we are thankful when we can go. Sid is mister social and he is very good at waving to each of his friends and sharing his toys :)

On Tuesdays, we have started going to story time at the library! We don't make it every week because occasionally it falls during nap time, but lately we've made it 3 weeks in a row!! Sid absolutely loves it! When the music starts his hands just immediately start to clap. If he is holding something, he drops it in order to clap. And he, again, loves waving to all of the other babies in the room!

Whenever Sean or I have a drink, of any kind, Sid wants a sip. He thinks drinking out of our glasses is the most fun. Obviously we only allow this to happen when we are drinking water (which is 99% of the time). But it's just so cute! I know in just a few months when he turns a year I am going to have to drink my green smoothie out of his sight because if he is anything like his cousin Yasha, I won't get any of my own smoothie!

Drinking water up from his own "smoothie" cup

Our boy is nearly all smiles these days and it is so wonderful! When we are playing on the floor and he starts to cling to me, I know he either is ready for a nap or he wants to nurse. We are doing such a great job of reading what he wants lately. He knows his little routine so when we say things like, "let's go change your diaper", or "are you ready for bath?", he will motion to the direction of where we need to go to do the task. Or to the person who usually does it. Sean still gives Sid his bath every night. If we do the sign for bath, while saying, "Are you ready for your bath?", he will reach for Sean. At that point, Sean and I look at each other like we have the smartest boy in the whole wide world! I mean, we do, right? (I know I know, every parent says this about their child) ;)

I am now starting to really think about his first birthday party! I love this baby so much that I want to make it extra special! Let the planning commence! 

Happy 10 months, Sid-Sid! 

Weight: I am guessing around 19 now
Height: I don't know, maybe still 29"ish
Medical Issues: Sid still gets constipated, but I have started putting Wild Orange EO on his abdomen and it helps. So do the lentils :) His eczema is doing much much better! 
Naps: 2 a day. He is typically awake 3-4 hrs in between.
Night Sleep: Bedtime is between 6:30 and 7. In the last few weeks, he has slept until 6! (but still the occasional 5:15). He will just go back to sleep until about 7:30.
Clothing Size: 12m & 18m
Diapers: BG 4.0 w/ cotton or bamboo inserts during the day / nighttime BG 4.0 w/ 3 bamboo inserts.
Diet: new this month is lentils, cauliflower, blueberries (plus all his usual stuff). Sid is still on a vegan diet.
Favorite Baby Gear: Anything that plays music and will rattle, his peg & hammer toy (which he is amazing at! - great hand/eye coordination), his big green ball and his rainbow ball, Pete the Cat and his White Shoes book
Personality: Happy! He is silly and happy most all the time! He is hard to really get to laughing though. 
Milestones/Firsts: finger foods, pulling up, tantrums, pair of shoes (crocs), good at walking w/ help
Likes: still loves patty-cake, dogs (especially Louis), the fan being on (he demands the fan to be turned on when he goes into a room!), food, being tickled with mommy or daddy's foot
Dislikes: diaper changes


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