Mountain Time!

If you thought Sid and I didn't take advantage of a free ride up to Grammy's house, you'd be mistaken :) On Sunday after Thanksgiving, we went back to Arkansas with Grammy!

Louis was thrilled ;)
He loves picnic lunches in the car!

We had a pretty low key week. We spent most of our time on the stairs. The stairs? Yep, that's right. Sid mastered all of Grammy's stairs with only a little help. It was exhausting, but worth it because now he's a (semi)pro! We also got the house Christmas ready, since we were all going to be back up for Christmas in just a few short weeks!

Sean drove up on Friday and we spent the weekend doing fun things! We visited the square to see the Christmas lights, Sean cooked ribs (which is always a favorite!), and we got to spend a lot of time with Sid outside. 

Solo play with his truck
Kisses from Lou!

On Thursday, Sid and I were able to go to story time at the library! We love the Bentonville Library story time. It is SO GOOD! The children's librarian (pictured below) is seriously awesome! She captures the attention of these little ones better than anyone I have ever seen in a setting like this. See for yourself!

How cute are these toddlers!
He loves to run around on the mountain with Louis!
Love my little bug!
The swing his Grampa built

On Saturday night we went down to the square so that Sid could run around and see it all lit up. We got there just before sundown. It was perfect timing and oh so fun! This kid loves the freedom to roam (God help me!). No, in all honesty, I love it. His face just lights up when he can just run around! He would run up to strangers and in his sweet little voice and with his tiny hand wave, "Hi!". It'll melt your heart, I tell ya!

Santa's sleigh
Driving Sam Walton's truck
Run Run Run!
I couldn't stop laughing at trying to get Louis and Sid to cooperate! Not an easy task.
Waiting on our mushroom and truffle pizza after watching the ice skaters!
Sid turned 18m while we were there!

Being on the mountain is great. Sid loves his Grammy and LouLou so much. He loves the outdoors and her house is just perfect for a little guy like him to explore. We headed home on Monday, but we weren't sad leaving because we would soon be back for Christmas!  

See you soon, mountain!!

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