Sidney Loyd - 18 months

It's been so long since I've done a Sid update. He turned 18 months on December 6 - and I just can't believe it! I love that boy more than ever. Really, it's a love that runs so deep. 

Sidney Loyd is hilarious. He's so sweet and so silly! He's also very determined and getting more brave with each passing day. 

His vocabulary at this point blows my mind! There isn't one single word that he won't at least attempt to say, even the word umbrella! Which he actually says quite well! He's so smart. He picks things up almost instantly. If we show him something, he remembers. 

His books are almost his favorite thing. We don't really get a chance to read them, as he's still a huge fan of pointing to the pictures rather than the words on the page! But they say that's ok and it's all part of the process. 

The ABC's get him so excited. He has a little school bus on our fridge that plays music and he can pick a letter and push it and it teaches him about that particular sound. It has several songs that it plays. He will push the button until he hears the Alphabet Song and then he very enthusiastically runs into his room to point to his ABC poster in his room. He will do this over and over again and it's just so cute!

Dancing. Y'all, this boy of mine has got some moves! The boy can groove! I have no idea where he got these skills from ;) He does this little skip hop that he definitely got from my dad. He had the SAME MOVE! And - one of his favorite songs is Shout! Which was also one of my dad's favorites. So you see, he definitely comes by it naturally. We have music playing pretty much non-stop and when he hears certain songs he will drop whatever he's doing to get his groove on! I love this quality about him. 

Sid enjoys nap time. His morning nap he sleeps. His afternoon nap, he either sleeps or just has quiet time in his bed. But most days he is napping from about 9-10:30 and then again by 2ish -either actual sleep or just quiet time. It. Is. Awesome. His bedtime is 7. He wakes between 6 & 6:30. He still sleeps in a sleep sack. I got rid of it for a few days thinking he didn't really need it anymore. Then - a terrible thing happened and back in the sack he went!

This was not nap time, more like play time in his crib

One morning I put him down for a nap and then ran to the bathroom. By the time I came out I heard him on the monitor completely screaming a blood curdling scream! I knew this wasn't just him wanting out of the crib. I looked at the monitor and saw his leg shoved straight through the rail! I ran in there and sure enough, Sid was really stuck. He was panicking. He was stuck up to his thigh. I could move his leg but I couldn't get his knee back through the rails. We had the mesh bumper pads on and I think he was attempting to use it as a step and just shoved his leg through too far. I dried a few times to get his leg through with no such luck. He couldn't sit down. I was home alone with no phone anywhere in sight. Somehow between the two of us he must've turned in just the right way that his knee went back through. Thank heavens! I was so scared if I went for my phone to call for help he'd freak and break his leg. Ugh, just the thought makes me cringe. Ok so after all of that (which honestly was over in less than 4 minutes - but felt like an eternity!) we removed the bumpers and put him back in the sleep sack. So far so good!! Phew!

Sidney is still a very good eater. He loves his veggies. In fact I think his favorite combination right now is sautéed spinach with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and garlic! He still eats lentils and lots of beans. Spaghetti is a definite staple. He'll eat anything with tomato sauce on it! He eats a small amount of meat. Mostly fruits and veggies. He eats steel cut oats with almond butter and flax oil every morning with a glass of almond milk and blueberries. He loves his "ut-bugh" (oatmeal) so much that he asks for it all the time! Keeping enough roasted red bell peppers on hand is almost impossible! Oh and beets. He likes those a lot, too! 

He is getting more and more like a 2 year old. Sometimes he will dead leg and throw a tantrum so I can't pick him up. I do pick him up, and I calm him down by taking deep breaths with him. It works. For now. I hope the deep breathing technique continues to help us as these tantrums get more frequent and harder to distract. He is into shaking his head and telling us "no" a little too often these days. We are trying so hard to quit asking him questions! "Sid, are you ready to go?" I'm sure you can guess his response. A head shake with a "no" attached. Ummm, yea. What do we do now? We gave him an option. Parent fail :// It's a learning experience every single day as a parent. 

Sid brings Sean and I more joy and laughter than any other anything! I seriously kiss him all the time. He will think I'm crazy one day, but for now, I'll take all the hugs and cuddles and smooches I can get! Smooch!!

Choo-Choo train in Ruston, LA
He loves to climb in and out of his wagon

Weight: tbd
Height: tbd
Medical Issues: Nothing new
Naps: Most days just one, but still rests in his crib for a second one, not necessarily sleeping.
Night Sleep: He goes down at 7 and wakes around 7. He's finally sleeping later!
Clothing Size: 24m, some pants & tops are 2T
Diapers: BG 4.0 w/ cotton or bamboo inserts during the day / nighttime BG 4.0 w/ 3 bamboo inserts.
Diet: Mostly everything except dairy, eggs, and cashews. He loves fruits, veggies, beans, & lentils! Spaghetti and Beets are his two current favorites!
Favorite Baby Gear: His crocs and hat!
Personality: He loves to dance and laugh!
Milestones/Firsts: His vocabulary is developing quite well. There isn't a word he won't attempt to say. I can, 98% of the time, understand everything he is trying to tell me. 
Likes: Being outside, LOUD music, dancing, playing with anything that has a lid (or top like he says), pots, spoons (Favorite songs: Shout! and The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
Dislikes: He doesn't always like getting in his car seat. He is a pretty happy camper playing at home with his toys.
NicknamesSid-Sid, bug

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