Easter 2016

The weekend before Easter we went to an egg hunt at a park in Southlake! It was absolutely FREEZING!!!! We went and stuck it out, regardless. The Martyn's and the Bolton's went with us! It was fun, but too dang COLD!!!

Sid LOVED the Easter Bunny!!!
Vince and Sean trying to direct the little guys!

Sid picked up three eggs...

Then he dumped them out...

...and that was that! Moving on!

Cold and sooooo winnnnnndy!!!!!

We hosted Easter at our house again this year. My mom drove down, Sean's parents came, and we also invited the Martyn's over. We had our meal on Saturday because Sid and I planned on heading back to AR with my mom on Sunday (turns out she ended up getting sick and we had to stay home).

Hugging Lou!

We put together a little egg hunt for Sid and Graham in the backyard before we ate. Sid wasn't really interested, but Graham was great at it! All Sid wanted to do was water the plants, ha!

Erin asked me if Sean would be in jeans because she told Vince to wear nice pants. She said she'd never hear the end of it if they showed up and Sean was in jeans (which of course he was!). I told Sean he had to play a joke on them and get all dressed up. Here is the outfit he came up with. (If you know us, does he not remind you of my dad?!).

It's a seersucker suit with a sequin costume bow tie!
Sid and Graham playing cars

We kept the meal super simple. Ham, cheese grits, broccoli salad, deviled eggs, and carrot cake! I forgot to take a picture of the meal, but I did manage to snap one of our dining table full of family and friends, which makes me happier than looking at the food :)

Graham was tucked in between Vince and Erin, and Sean was behind me taking the picture, ha! O'well :)

Sid loved eating at the table with "errybody"! Ever since Easter weekend, we have been doing our best to eat together as a family. It just makes Sid so happy, and we like it, too :)

He ended up on Grammy's lap and eating off of her plate - because I mean, of course it tastes better ;) 

It was such a good day and I think Sid really enjoyed having his bestie over. That evening, Yasha called to FaceTime Grammy to thank her for his Easter basket (which really ended up being one big complaint because he wasn't fond of what she put in the basket...HA! Kids are too funny!). But when he called, Grammy was bathing Sid, so instead of calling him back, we just had a party in the tub!

Sid was in heaven! 
Sadly, my mom woke up on Easter morning with a fever :( After a little deliberation we all decided it was best she go home and get the rest she needed and Sid and I would stay back so she could get well. Hate that this happened, but it was definitely the right decision. Once we got her on the road, we gave Sid have his Easter basket!

His box to put his colors in, along with the truck coloring book were the biggest hits! He colors alllllll the time! Well done, Easter bunny :)

I hope you all had a fun Easter weekend! He is RISEN!

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