Sidney Loyd - 2 years old!

It's June 2nd. Only four days away from our baby's second birthday! Surreal. Sean and I are sitting on a plane heading to Colorado. This is my first time leaving Sidney overnight since the day he was born! So many feelings inside. Grammy is keeping him at our house and I know all is going to be just fine! Although, Saturday afternoon can't come soon enough!

Sid has changed our lives in so many incredible ways. I never knew how rewarding this mom gig could be. Hard as heck! And challenging like no other - but he is such a good, sweet, caring, thoughtful little guy - it makes it all so worth it. 

He is into everything and is really getting into wanting to do it all on his own. He says, "You do it!", which clearly means he's talking about himself ;) His highchair buckle and climbing into the car are among his favorites lately. 

We go to music once a week and try to make story time at a local library once a week as well. He is a bit unsure of sitting on the carpet sometimes at the library and sticks pretty close to me. That is until the music starts - then he's off like a shot and dancing and clapping along! He is a born performer I think! He is so funny. He loves making people laugh and has a natural rhythm with playing instruments or dancing. He got these skills from his mama, of course :) 

Yep, that's my child facing the opposite direction from all the other kids

We read books over and over and over again! He then memorized them and likes to correct me if I say the wrong thing :/ I know the day is coming when skipping pages because he picked the longest book on the planet won't be an option! He will totally call me out!

Telling me, "Cement pouring out"

He knows his alphabet. He sings it and recognizes his letters. He can count to 20 with only a few numbers skipped. He knows his birthday is June 6th. He knows that Uncle Shawn, Aunty A, Yasha, and Oliver live in DC. He can tell me exactly how to make his smoothie, as well as just about anything else we make in the kitchen on a regular basis (including which spices I need!!). When we make toast, he runs to get the toaster out for me. He wants to "HELP!" always, and don't even think about pushing the dryer button without him!

Playing with spices
Doing a Matisse study. He's his favorite artist (who knew!)

He is obsessed with all things trucks! Allll kinds of trucks. The kid definitely doesn't discriminate, but if you call a backhoe a bulldozer, he will correct you! He is also into his Legos. He loves using his imagination to build different types of trucks and then using the little people to drive them. He will get so in the zone driving them all around the coffee table. It's absolutely adorable. But let me just say, he and daddy are waaaay better at building legos than he and mama! 

Playing with his cement mixer at Grammy's house
Pretend play is getting better and better. The other day he had his Mickey all set up at the dinner table! He later made him a bed out of a cardboard box. He loves to get his stuffed animals and put them down for night-night. Diaper changes (he will even ask for a wipe if they have stinky one!), sleep sheep on, blinds closed, sleep sack on. It's the cutest. 

Climbing is also a favorite past time. Thankfully he is cautious and most of the time waits until one of us can at least see him before climbing on board. He is definitely exploring his body and trying to push his limits with what his little legs can accomplish. 

He wants to eat a bite of literally everything he sees us eat! His food allergies are still present so we definitely have to be careful. We try to eat together as much as possible, but it's hard because he eats so early! But when we can pull it off he loves to say "Eating all together!" It sort of melts my heart. 

Sid is just amazing to watch. His little brain is always working and just oh so smart! He, again, is so incredibly sweet. He is happy most of the time but he definitely doesn't like to be told no when he wants to do something. The last few months have had plenty of moments where he has pushed me to my limits - but then he will say "Mama sit." And then he climbs up on my lap with a truck book and he says "Sit on mama's lap. Read book." And I forget the fact that I was about to strangle him (not REALLY!) three seconds before. And no matter what happens, I am always ready for him to wake up every morning because I can't wait to squeeze my baby and hear about his dreams! Usually about...can you guess?...TRUCKS! 

Sidney, thank you for making these last two years so special to your dad and I. We love you more than words can say and we are excited to see what this next year brings. Maybe (hopefully) another trip to the ocean so you can float in the waves! We love you little bug!!!

Weight: 31.8 lbs (92%)
Height: 35 (60%)
Medical Issues: Just his egg and cashew allergy. Dairy we think we are in the clear, as long as it's in small doses.
Naps: 1pm, sometimes 1.5hrs, sometimes 3. You never know!
Night Sleep: Bath 6:30, read books, in bed around 7
Clothing Size: Most everything is 2T. 3T has a lot of growing room
Diapers: BG 4.0 w/ cotton or bamboo inserts during the day / nighttime Pooters bamboo diaper with cover.
Diet: He likes pretty much everything. He is a great eater!
Personality: Sid the entertainer!
Milestones/Firsts: Just developing his existing skills and becoming more independent. 
Likes: Coloring, legos, his books, anything having to do with trucks, being outside, painting, his stuffed animals (especially Pooh!), being in the kitchen
Dislikes: Having to stop what he's doing!
NicknamesSid-Sid, bug

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Linda said...

This was sooooooo worth waiting for. A beautiful accounting of his beautiful little life with his precious parents. He is pure joy to his Grammy. I can't wait to see what the next year holds in store for Sid and his new role in the family. He's going to do great as a big brother and will be such a good helper, I have no doubt at all! XOXO-Grammy