decisions decisions

AH! so many things to decide these days!
should i re-new my lease?
should i move to ft. worth?
should i do one teaching program over another?
it's been a crazy month, but i'm happy to say all of my decisions as of right now have been made! and i feel great about each of them :)

for those of you who don't know, i quit my job at the end of june.
after lots of thinking and focusing on my passions in life, i have decided to become a teacher...an ART teacher!
in TX, if you already have a bachelor degree or higher, all you have to do is go through an alternative certification program in order to become a state certified teacher. so i called last wednesday and was in the program by thursday! there. one decision has been made! classes are from Sept 8-Oct 29 (something like that). i will then take my state exam (TExES) {and hopefully pass!!}. from there, i will be eligible for a teaching job come JANUARY! YAY! i am so excited about this and really believe this career will truly fulfill my life. children have imaginations that inspire me!!

next decision. my boyfriend of about 3 yrs is in real estate in fort worth (anyone need a realtor :)..let me know! ). fort worth is about 30 mins west of Dallas. assuming things progress with us i will need to ultimately make the move to ft. worth. so i've applied to start subbing in the this area instead of Dallas. i have been debating on whether i want to stick it out longer in Dallas and just commute back and forth on the days i will get a job subbing, or should i just take the plunge and move over? forth worth it is! this way i will get to know all of the school districts around there and figure out which areas i would potentially want to teach in. i found the perfect apartment today. i will be 3 blocks (walking distance) from downtown and already know where the best happy hour is :) i have plenty of friends in ft. worth, too! done. moving to ft. worth. not renewing my lease.

decisions are hard and definitely overwhelm me at times, but i have figured out through all of this you can make yourself crazy if you don't just DECIDE! i feel good about all of these changes in my life and am looking forward to how it all turns out.

now, if i can just find the time to stay on the diet and exercise each day, my life will REALLY be great!

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dara said...

ok. so i need to talk to you about this teaching thing. i've really thought about it but im not so sure if i wanna be a teacher. what program did you use to get your teachers certificate and what all does it entail?