just one day away

we are one day away from labor day weekend! woo hoo!!!
i am so excited b/c my family is having a family reunion, right here in dallas!
my whole family will be in town and i just can't wait to see everyone!
we have so much freakin' fun when we're together...

{adam, me with my face covered up, shawn, and his wife anastasia}

{myself and my brother shawn dancing to girls just want to have fun}

so that's most important..but coming in at a close second...the LOVE my entire family (uncles, cousins, aunts, etc) shares for LSU football!!! it's a scary obsession, really. when my boyfriend came into the picture he wasn't quite sure what to think of us during an LSU game. today, he fits right in! LSU first game of the season (well, non conference game) is this saturday!!!! we will all be decked out in our purple and gold tailgating waiting for kickoff! there is nothing better than good company, yummy food, and SEC FOOTBALL! fall, i welcome you with open arms!



Adam said...

OOT OOT is my disco call....
I'm ready!

Kelly Downey said...

Yay for blogging again. Can't wait to hear these teacher stories!