last night was so great. i was really tired yesterday b/c i didn't sleep well the night before b/c my upstairs neighbors were obnoxiously loud {ugh}. the boy plays volleyball every tuesday and thursday nights. he usually comes over after wards, which makes me happy. last night though, i was SO sleepy. i had cleaning to do and shows to watch, but just nothing was getting done. when he comes over after v-ball, he's wired!

nothing sounded good to me last night for dinner except cupcakes (weird, i know). i resisted the urge to run to the store to get the stuff to bake those little cakes of yumminess! instead, i just played around on the internet, talked on the phone to my parents to figure out the weekend plan, and watched the Gamecock's play (victory!). his last v-ball game was supposed to start at 8:10. when 9:30 rolled around and i hadn't heard from the boy i assumed they were running behind schedule due to thunderstorms in the area. 10p my phone rings. he's done and on his way. i had sort of forgotten about my hunger level b/c i got busy doing other things. he's always hungry when he finishes his games so we talk about him picking up a pizza from the restaurant down the street. we hung up, and i called right back. i had the sudden itch to get out of the house! so he picked me up (well, we actually walked b/c the weather was PERFECT), and we went for a late night date. it was so nice :) we had pizza, beer, and i had a cape cod or two :) PLUS, FOOTBALL on tv! the place was packed! it was the perfect ending to my sleepy day! thanks boy for always being up for whatever, whenever, and however!

oh yea, on our way to the restaurant...we found THIS!!! where i'm from, these are usually dead on the side of the road! it's an ARMADILLA! ha, he was sort of cute :)


Erin said...

Thanks for commenting on House of Turquoise! Your apartment sounds so dreamy...I love the whole spa-feel. Can't wait to check out more of your blog! Have a great weekend!! :)

Lindsey said...

Hey Cathy! Have you decided where you are going to school yet? Can you get a job in TX if you aren't certified?