back to the drawing board.

sean and i had our dishes all picked out and on our registry.  i found them in the martha stewart wedding magazine.  so cool, sleek, modern, contemporary.  you can only see them in person in california, as they are not sold anywhere else.  after a month or so, i finally decided it would be a good idea to order a dish to make sure we like them.  i ordered, and it was great!  we started using it, and realize it is awful!  it shows every single fingerprint and water stain imaginable!  i have decided it would drive me crazy if i had to deal with that everyday!  so, back to the drawing board.  i think i like the idea of all white dishes because any type of serving dish would match it.  that i like!  i am looking at the williams-sonoma dishes online, and they all look the same!  i think it's time for a trip to the store to view these in person!   sean had a strong opinion in the beginning, but not so much anymore, which is good for me!!

in other wedding news...we are knocking things out slowly but surely.  i spend hours on end on the phone with my mother every saturday and sunday.  my dad just rolls his eyes in wonder.  he doesn't understand how we can talk for over 2 hrs on the phone :)  it is so easy to do!

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Adam said...

I got you guys some paper plates that are compost friendly and biodegradable. How awesome am I?