my favorite nephew.

last weekend sean and i flew up to DC to meet my favorite (first and only!) nephew, Ian Felix Traylor.  OhMyGoodness, words can not describe how freakin' adorable this little guy is.  i mean, i'm not just saying that b/c i'm a super proud aunt.  i'm saying it because it's true.  he was almost 4 weeks when we saw him and he is so strong!  he holds his head up all on his own (with a few head bobs, but nothing to be alarmed about :) ).  here are a few pictures from the weekend.  i didn't realize until i got home that i didn't get a single picture with ian other than this stinky pic from my phone :(  i still don't know why i didn't get anymore pictures with him.

ian was always dressed in comfy little outfits with the day of the week on them, only, he hasn't quite learned the difference between friday and monday, or tuesday and thursday, etc...
(note: this picture was taken on Sunday, not bad, only one day ahead.  he's so smart!)
i got to hold ian for a long time saturday afternoon.  here we are together.  just look at that face.  that is no 4 week old face!!  he is thinking something BIG!
last but not least.  the best entertainment of all.  ian and his daddy droppin' a beat!
cute CUTE!


Adam said...

Finally a pic of you and our newest little buddy. Good blog, I'm glad you got to go meet him. I can't wait till we all get to be around him again!

Linda said...

I loved the commentary! We finally just stopped and tried to get some pictorial moments, but we were there longer than you guys were. He is adorable and I know that we will all be so happy to hang out with him on the mountain a little before all the festivities take place. We will have to make a conscious effor to grab some good pictures then.