trip to arkansas.

so i am seriously behind on keeping my blog updated.  this post is a few weeks old, but still blog worthy :)  it's a long one!  sorry :(

a few weekends ago sean and i drove to arkansas with a packed full schedule of wedding appointments!  our first stop was friday night in little rock (maumelle to be exact) to stay with a good friend of mine.  this stop was a little out of the way, but necessary.  this friend is able to print all of our invitations and extras for FREE!  so i designed them, and he printed them!  so we had to drop in to view proofs.  we got all the business out of the way and then went for mexican and margaritas!  yumm!
here is a sneak peak of the invitations...
eeeeeeearly saturday morning, sean and i got up and hit the road for fayetteville!  next up, event rentals, florist, and caterer.  we had one appointment after the other...makes me tired just thinking about it :)

we picked out our table linens, napkins, and a few other things.  we even took a fake centerpiece to lay out on the table to make sure we liked the way it looked!  my mom did all of this and it looked great!
after this we were all starving (and how my dad and sean were able and willing to sit through all of my mom's and mine back and forth i will never understand, but thank you!) so we went down to dickson street for lunch.  my mom and i barely got finished before we were rushing out to meet our florist (the boys didn't tag along for this one, which was fine by us!).

i love our florist!  her personality and mine totally clicked and i felt like i have known her a long time.  good sign.  so we brought in our basket full of goodies to show her what we had in mind, and our centerpiece from the above picture, quickly morphed into something more like this....
happy with the result :)  we talked about everything imaginable about bouquets, flowers on cake, the guy's boutonnieres.  we covered it all!  thank goodness, check that worry off the list!  here is a preview of how my cake will look...

moving right along.

our next appointment was at 2pm at my parent's house w/ the caterer!  we ruuuuuuushed as fast as we could to get from fayetteville to bentonville in time to greet her.  no such luck.  when we pulled up, she and the boys were sitting around the yard petting the animals waiting us to get there to "direct" things.  haha!  we talked about layout of how it will go, the flow of things, etc.  i can not WAIT to eat this yummy food!!!

our laaaast appointment of the day, WINE TASTINGS!!!  we all hopped in the car and drove over the state line into missouri to the liquor store!  we met with staff there to help us decide on wine and beer.  it was the perfect way to end a very very busy day!  lots of things to check off my list, which is a very good feeling!

on sunday morning my mom and i drove BACK to fayetteville to look for me a veil and ribbon for a craft project we are doing.

we once again were rushing back home to meet with the wedding coordinator at 1 at the house.  this was the best appointment yet b/c we got sooo much figured out and i feel 10 million times better about our "at home" wedding reception.  phew!

the rest of sunday afternoon was spent in the barn working on other projects for the wedding....

last but not least...signature drink cocktail tastings by my father the bartender.  so fun, and so yummy!

(sean felt i needed to wear his hat for this picture.)
it was a great great weekend!  we always have the best time when we go visit the mountain.  i love it up there :)

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Kelly Downey said...

Fun, fun!! LOVE the cake. What exactly are you guys making?!?!? I just ate a whole chocolate easter bunny. Just thought you should know...