Current Loves.

Lately, I have found some things that I have grown to love!  Here is my list!

1.  B&B Works True Blue Spa Collection.  It is AMAZING!  Here is what I've tried so far, and I can't get enough!!


The last is the best!  It is smells SOOOOOOOO good!!!!

2.  Evernote!  It's so geneous!  Just go check it out.  You can thank me later :)  I have become slightly obsessed with using it.  It is so cool b/c it syncs up to my computer, iPad, and iPhone w/o even having to plug it in.

3.  Ok so this one is sort of random, but it's worth adding to this list...Jose Curevo Light Margarita!  It is 1/2 the price as that other "light margarita" in a wine bottle and you get 2x as much!!  Let me tell you, it's delicious!  You just pour it over ice, and VOILA!

4.  Chase Bank has this awesome thing on their phone app!  You can take a picture (front and back) of a check and it will deposit it for you!  Not even kidding.  You don't even have to drive to the bank!  GENIUS!

5.  If you are looking for an easy, scrumptious way to make quick fajitas, use this!  I could eat it every week.  This is from Food&Wine.

6.  Apples to Apples...ever played it?  It is a blast to play with some friends and a glass or two of wine.  It really is so funny and makes for some good laughs.  SP and I had 2 other couple's over last weekend and after dinner we played this game.  We could of gone on all night!  Thanks Lori for bring it!   

7.  Road Trips!!  To Arkansas to be exact :)  SP and I are heading out tomorrow to go up to see my parent's for the first time since our wedding a month ago.  I am dying to get up there hang out and relax.  We already have an italian feast planned for Saturday night w/ a new recipe I found on Williams-Sonoma.  Dying to try it!!  I will try and remember to take pictures of our feast :)

8.  Last but not least... our fabulous wedding photographer at Wisner Photo posted a pic of what she's been working on.  I sure hope I get to see them all real soon!!

Sound of Music, much?!  I can't help but to start singing..."The hills are alive with the sound of music..."

That's all, folks :)  Have a fabulous weekend!  Any of you have any favorite things you'd like to share?!


jennifer said...

The Chase app is one of the reasons I still bank with them. I love it! I seriously don't remember the last time I went to the bank, and I love it!

have fun at the Escarpment :)

Jenny said...

I bought some Jose Light to take to the beach this weekend! Thanks for the tip!